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Todd writes about things he knows, or has a passion for. Typically its Cars, Fashion, Healthcare and Technology, all industries in which he has worked and demonstrated high aptitude.

He started as a PR assistant, writing press releases for Ford Motor Company executives. Afterward, he worked in Sillicon Valley assisting a team of Project Managers with a go-live project. He then wrote missionary bios for a non-profit company in the Southeast, before formatting resumes for an IT firm in Southern CA.

In addition to having a professional approach and being detail-oriented, Todd prides himself on being personable and seeks to stamp that mark on all that he does.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Since adolescent age, Todd has been an avid automotive enthusiast. He started building scale models at the age of seven. Shortly after that he started drawing cars, and creating mock advertisements based on his favorites. He was influenced by family members who drove the original muscle cars of the sixties, so he comes from a long legacy of man and machine.


The fashion industry has always been a passion of Todd's. He studied Fashion Merchandising right out of high school, and felt right in his element. Many projects done in class were graded A+, and given special recognition from instructors.


Todd has work experience in healthcare and has worked for a premier medical center in Los Angeles before going on to health insurance as a coordinator in Provider Relations, eventually being a medical coding consultant. What draws him to this industry is the ability to learn about the human body, and be able to help those with illness and challenging conditions. Because of this, he appreciates the foundation of healthcare being physical anatomy and medical terminology.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Todd has written many articles paying particular attention to the specific needs of the client or customer being catered to. Whether it is to promote a brand, product or service, or to simply inform a population, he has the ability to put the right words into action to achieve mutual satisfaction. With the majority of the articles being at least 300 words in length, relevant information was never a problem.

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