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Quade V

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Location Stevens point, WI
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Quade began writing in 2001 where he was awarded 1st place in Wisconsin, and 5th place nationally for the Reading Rainbow's Young Author; Young Illustrator contest for his story, "The Ugly Snowman". After writing stories for friends and school, Quade began to take things seriously in 2009 by beginning his first novel.

2012 the novel was finished at 530 pages and submitted thrice for publication, each time coming closer than the last. Quade worked along side authors Patrick Rothfuss and Michael Martinez for assistance on his story. Putting the novel on hold, Quade quickly regrew his interest in Short Stories, publishing "Red Scar" on Crashtest Literary Magazine, as well as winning a scholarship to his local college for his story, "The Dire-Wing".

Quade has been featured in his colleges literary and artistic journals, and his stories have been the subject of class discussions during events such as Writers Workshop or the Cornerstone Press course. Currently Quade is honing his skills by writing a Novella and another short story. His strongest subject is Fantasy/Fiction.
Health and Weight Loss
Fantasy / Storytelling
Advertisement and Marketing
Sexuality and Diversity
Mental Health
Short Story
Technology and Internet
Social Media / Blog
Thinking outside of the box
Quade enjoys the creative side of life more than anything. From playing music, to producing, writing, and creating, Quade has dabbled in it all. Quade enjoys anything in the realm of fantasy such as Dungeons and Dragons, books, comics, and video games. He is a kindness-driven person who strongly believes in keeping an open mind. Quade values his friends and relationships greatly.
University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point English, Teaching, Anthropology, General

Quade spent time at his local college following his scholarship from his short story, "The Dire-Wing". His time there was spent studying general fields as he slowly seeks to find what profession will make him the most happy.

Honors and Awards
Performer of the Year; Best Male Performer Quade received a great honor of being named the most entertaining or captivator actor in his communities play. After three years of assisting in the plays, Quade's final roll, Sheriff Chickamunga, won him a bit of pride.

Writer's Workshop Quade received the 1st place Fiction/Fantasy short story award for his tale, "The Dire-Wing". With this scholarship, he began studying at UWSP to hone his craft, and find a profession which makes him the happiest.

Young Author; Young Illustrator Contest In 2001, Quade took 1st place in Wisconsin, and 5th place nationally for his short story, "The Ugly Snowman". As a result, he appeared to talk about his story on the PBS channel.

Entrepreneurial Training Small Business Development Center
Quade attended an entrepreneurial training program while looking to start a small business in his town. The certification states that Quade has an overall ground knowledge of starting and operating a small business, as well as the necessary tools to create and write a business plan.

Projects by Industry

Throughout his life, Quade has written multiple stories for entertainment purposes, a few of which have reached publication.


Quade has a background in health and fitness during his transformation of losing 65lbs. From fitness articles to weight training routines.


Quade's longest standing hobby is without a doubt PC Gaming. From the age of two, and taught by his Dad, Quade took a great love to the adventures and stories within video games.

Projects by Asset Type

Quade has written two novels, and five short stories worth noting. Many, many side projects and other completed works exist.

Facebook Post

Quade was involved with the social media advertisement of a small local business, Leyf's Lounge. Employed through contacting his local Small Business Development Center, Quade, a student of UWSP at the time, had an interesting opportunity that he quickly jumped at.

Web Page

Quade was the lead designer for his communities website in 2013. He was in charge of creating all forum topics, and seeing to every day issues, as well as account management, donation management, and other misc. forum tasks.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Quade is always seeking to expand his writing and editing knowledge.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Working with a small local business, Leyf's Lounge, and an online community of gamers, Quade has had experience in advertisement and community appeasement. With his words he stayed precise in keeping the community of both the Gamers, and Small Business, up to date with the current affairs.


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