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Lynn's writing background is research driven. She has ghostwritten a novel for a self-help guru based on his teachings, written extensively on health and wellness issues with specific emphasis on prenatal and postnatal care, and edited an on-line alternative medical journal. She was a featured writer for a couples' relationship site where she wrote informed, and often humorous articles on sex.

Her ten-plus years in the Finance Industry allowed her to write on business topics from sector analysis to the commercial success of coffee pods. Lynn has done her share of marketing work as well. She used to write commercials for a popular Chicago radio station, and does market blogging for an invitation and event accessories website.

Lynn completed the Second City Comedy Writing Program, a year-long, multi-level process in which one has to be accepted into the final course. She was accepted for the final, and with a team, created a whole show which was performed on a Second City stage. During her study at Second City, she submitted a sketch to the Mary Scruggs Works by Women Festival which was not only accepted but won the top award given for that year. Her experience during, and post-Second City expanded her writing abilities to include proper script writing for both stage and screen.

She attended Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and Loyola University in Chicago where she received her BA in History. She is extremely comfortable collecting and synthesizing research. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and went on to her Masters coursework at the University of Chicago where she concentrated on Urban Planning.
Lynn has the most experience with topics on health and wellness. This also includes articles on the business of health. She draws on her decade of experience as a post-partum doula for information on maternal and natal topics. Other health experience comes from her tenure editing an online medical journal. Lynn's ten years of experience as a NASDAQ Trader and Securities Principal gives her a depth of understanding regarding financial topics that many may never have. She has written many forms of Marketing copy, including SEO, blogs, white papers, commercials, and brochures. She has the ability to adjust tone and language depending on the audience to be reached, and works well under deadline.
Lynn enjoys all topics of History. She has studied the creation and design of American cities for years, with specific emphasis on Chicago. This topic quite naturally lends itself to her interest in Politics, and the business of cities; from funding great public art to land development. She enjoys foreign travel, visiting art museums, her record collection, and reading non-fiction.
The University of Chicago Social Science with emphasis in Urban Planning, Masters in the Arts of Social Science

Lynn attended this specialty Masters program which covered a range of Social Science topics to choose from. Her emphasis was on Urban Planning but she also took classes on the Social Culture of Victorian England, The Memories of War, Architecture at the Turn of the Century, among others. Her thesis compared the land grab and creation of the University of Chicago, on Chicago's near west side, to the land grab and expansion of DePaul University on the north side.

Loyola University Chicago History, BA, Magna Cum Laude

Lynn transferred to Loyola University from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York when she moved back to Chicago. At both institutions, she held top honors, consistently made the Dean's List and took all honors courses available. Her final paper was a thorough examination of the third day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Her portfolio included topics on the Naval Battles of the Civil War, Hollywood and the Blacklist, The McCarthy Era, Post-WWI Europe and how it primed itself for WWII, and Richard M. Daley's Chicago.

Honors and Awards
Magna Cum Laude Top honors for her studies at the university she received her BA from.

Projects by Industry

Lynn has worked on numerous Marketing projects including radio advertising, SEO, direct marketing, website blogging, book reviews, and marketing brochures. Her Marketing materials have been used in such industries as healthcare, child birth and infant welfare, food and beverage, luxury goods, tourism, education, music, and event planning. She knows how to relate to the target audience and not leave the product or service behind. She is deft in slogan, and pitch-line composition. She is well versed in key word search tools, and has the ability to produce copy that does not read heavy in SEO pitch, but more like useful information.

Consumer Goods

Lynn's freelance experience is rich in writing copy for many different consumer goods. Her radio commercials were heard on a popular Chicago FM station for everything from drum sets to sports equipment. She wrote a series of articles about coffee, and coffee products for a trade magazine, and wrote B2B copy for logo printing materials. She understand that the tone of advertising, direct marketing, or B2B will be different depending on the client, and product. Her experience in luxury retail, and Finance empowers her with insight in what drives the consumer dollar, and the business mind-set.


Lynn completed the Second City Comedy Writing course series; a year-long process in which she had to be accepted into the final phase where she was part of writing a show which was performed on a Second City stage. Her sketch, "Coffee" won top honors at the Mary Scrugg's Works by Women Festival for that year. She used humor to write informative articles on sex and relationships for a couple's web site, and has used humor to write her marketing copy for various other goods and services. She has written political satire to hold a mirror up to Chicago's system, and used humor to teach write a children's book on manners (specifically, nose picking). Lynn can write proper script copy for both stage and screen, and is not opposed to working with others for a creative project.

Projects by SEO Skill
Link Building

Lynn worked with a variety of small businesses, most recently an invitation and events website in which she had to provide hyper links to other sites supporting the product and service (but not direct competition), as well as links to the client's site pages which more thoroughly explain their products and services. She was commissioned by a law firm to write shorter SEO paragraphs on a handful of legal terms which were thick with internal links back to the firm site.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Lynn utilizes various forms of key word strategies. She is conscious of key word saturation requirements, and will assure that the text is still readable, not just heavy. Her SEO text mixes keyword varieties that are still appropriate to the content, not simply variations of the same root word with unassociated compounds. Lynn feels that the proper use of keywords and phrases are when it not just bombards the potential customer with verbiage, but when the article gives information pertinent to the client, and actually drives them to do business.

Projects by Asset Type

Lynn completed the Second City Comedy Writing course series; a year-long process in which she had to be accepted into the final phase where she was part of writing a show which was performed on a Second City stage. Her sketch, "Coffee" won top honors at the Mary Scrugg's Works by Women Festival for that year. She has written scripts for a short drama radio series, as well as scripts for radio commercials. Lynn is aware of proper formatting requirements, and is happy to collaborate with others for creative projects.


Lynn has written brochures for culinary schools, and hospitality programs. She has also written brochures specific to Chicago tourism, and its neighborhoods, and well as B2B brochures for printing services for clothing, and paper products. She is familiar with lay-out and photo spacing requirements. She understands that the key to a solid brochure is engaging the reader with text that they will find entertaining and useful. The brochure does not need to hit the reader with everything, but explain how the product or service with benefit them.


Lynn has written many articles on topics from politics to breast feeding. She was a featured writer for a relationship website where she wrote about communication and sex, and has written for trade publications for coffee, alcoholic beverages, and pre-natal care. She has written many articles on post-partum care for a Chicago based doula service, as well as articles on post-partum nutrition, sleep training babies, and raising multiples. Her background is in research, so Lynn can collect and synthesize information on topics from Urban Planning to Pantone's Color of the Year.

Projects By Expertise

Lynn's copywriting experience encompasses both products and services. Direct mail pieces, B2B correspondence, radio ads, magazine ad copy, SEO articles, blog spots, and brochures are only some of the forms of copy she has produced. She is aware of the importance of SEO, and is fluid enough to have her copy read like an article while still optimizing key words. Lynn takes the time to understand the brand she is writing for so she can heighten awareness, and show the consumer how the product or service will best benefit themselves or their business.

Research Writer

Being a Generalist is a wonderful thing for Lynn. It has allowed her to research and write about topics she knows a great deal about, and others she just begun to explore. From Finance to F1 Racing, the topic is never too exotic to research and write. Lynn has ghostwritten a novel for a self-help guru, and produced articles on proper breast milk storage. From Travel to toy safety standards, there isn't a topic she is afraid to cover well.

Projects by Writing Style

Lynn finds an Authoritive tone compatible with medical and technical writing. She used it consistently while working as an editor of an on-line medical resource, and when writing about finance, women in the workplace, and instructional texts. She has used it when writing some educational materials, as well, but the age of the child and depth of understanding needs to be considered before committing to this tone or you can lose the reader.


Using a conversational tone will lend ease to content. Lynn enjoys using this manner of writing in content for items that benefit family, children, and pets. It allows the client to feel like they are being related to, and that your product or service understands their needs. A conversational tone also lends itself well for fun items/services; food, entertainment, household needs, and events. Lynn has used this tone for topics that may be difficult to explore; medical issues, financial options, or exploring topics unfamiliar to the reader. When using conversational tone in content for these, she is slightly restrained;


Humor is a fabulous tool to educate and entertain while still getting your point across. Satire, parody, straight gags, when properly utilized are memorable tools to promote a product, service, or idea. Lynn believes using humor for simply creative purposes is awesome on its own, but if you need to get your point across, humor is a good way to go. Lynn shies away from vicious humor while mocks or isolates others but enjoys a smarter, sharper, sometimes snarky type where everyone can feel they are in on the joke.


Lynn has written informative, articles of a journalistic nature throughout her freelance writing career. Most often they have been in regard to political and urban issues effecting American cities, but they have also included wellness topics, and product development. A journalistic tone is helpful when wanting to convey a sense of authority but not appear preachy or removed from a potential client.


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