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Gillian's experience is in writing SEO content ranging from clients in law, technology, fashion, web design, fitness, and family. She can write on the same topic multiple times and never duplicate content. She has a great understanding of the importance content holds, and therefore puts great research into topics she doesn't know. The majority of her writing has been for websites content, and blogs.
SEO, Fashion, Family, Pets, DIY, Blog Posts, Yoga, Fitness, Product reviews.
SEO, Fashion, Family, Pets, DIY, Blog Posts, Yoga, Fitness, Photography, tips and tricks, how to's.
University of Kansas – May 2013
Google Analytics Google
Aug 2015

Projects by Industry

Writing for personal yoga website, as well a client jewelry site incorporating fashion trends, and jewelry pieces to increase sales.


Gillian has written for fitness blogs, giving tips and tricks for how to do certain exercises. She is always descriptive and paints a picture with her words. This enables readers to try these moves at home.


Gillian has written about her industry and why it is important to do certain things. She researches every topic even when she knows about it just to get outside opinions, and write from an unbiased standpoint.


Gillian has written as well as edited a multiple number of articles about pets. Including how to's about teaching your kids to love dogs, makings at home dog treats, doing a pet photo shoot, monitoring your pet's behavior when you're not home, and many more. As a cat and dog owner, she is very well versed in the industry. She has grown up with animals and besides her deep love and compassion for them knows a lot about them.


Gillian has written many articles about fun family activities, how to turn a rainy day into a fun one, kid friendly products, and more. Having a baby company in the family, she is very well versed in the industry. She is also a bit of a kid herself making it easy for her to relate to what a fun activity for children might be. As a swim instructor she also knows about the proper ages and practices for teaching kids how to swim, and love the water.


Gillian has worked with many clients in the travel industry, as well as a travel camera. Her creative ideas for marketing without being too "salesy" go on for days. She is well versed in writing blogs for day trips, how to pack, where to go in certain cities, and much more.


Gillian takes beauty to a new level incorporating new age ideas and practices with the old school. She loves to read about all the latest trends in the beauty industry. As a monthly subscriber to Birchbox she is always trying new products. She is a great person to write a review for you, or teach you how to make an at home skin mask according to your skin type (step by step of course).


A personal passion, she is always trying new places, and foods. If you want something written with heart and soul, she is your go to girl. She has written articles about places to go in certain cities, how to make the perfect after workout shake, or awesome substitutes for certain foods. Gillian loves to try the new places and then write about it.


As a marketing professional Gillian has written many pieces for her offices. From landing pages to company descriptions. She has also written case studies. Gillian is very seasoned in her field and can write tweets, Facebook posts, Press Reasles, and anything else.

Projects by SEO Skill
Title/Meta Descriptions

Working for a marketing agency Gillian works with a diverse group of clients. She is challenged daily with how to stay up to date with constant updates in Google, and ahead of the client's competition. When writing titles, and meta descriptions she thinks about the people reading it before the robots.

SEO Keyword Requirements

Gillian is an SEO analyst and is equipped to perform all SEO tasks including meta titles, descriptions, keyword research, and SEO copyright

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Gillian has written many blog posts about pets, family, DIY crafts, plugins for Wordpress, and yoga. Some of her favorites have been product reviews, DIY, and photo ideas.

Product Description

Gillian has written over 1000 product descriptions all different for eyewear and many other industries. The most challenging was eyewear as she was tasked with writing description for similar eyewear.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Gillian has written landing pages, website copy, and basically all SEO content necessary. She is skilled at ensuring nothing is duplicated, keywords are used properly, and how to backlink properly. Her background is as an SEO analyst and SEO content writer.


Gillian has written tons of SEO copy for websites.

Projects by Writing Style

Gillian has written blog posts she has a way of writing formally while still engaging readers, and finding a way to connect with them on a personal level. Knowing how to talk to a reader to gain their interest is important when writing blogs, and other pieces. Gillian has that skill cornered.


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