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Sabrina T

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Since her early beginnings as a freelancer, Sabrina had been exposed to a myriad of different prompts. She'd begun from a simple Reddit post, asking a user to write a small article for their upcoming news page on the subject of fantasy esports. Being a video game lover and an avid fantasy better, she jumped on the opportunity.
After she was finished with the 1300 word article and realized how much the promoter paid her, she decided she would put her professional writing experience to good use by helping others promote their own work content writing.
From Rev, where she professionally transcribed business transactions, client meetings, and sales pitches in a clean verbatim tone, to TextBroker, where she realized how low the pay could be for content that would ultimately belong to someone else, she decided that after her two years experience with other writing sources and clients, she needed an outlet that would be willing to accept her quality content for a price that wasn't insulting her writing.
Sabrina is a lover of all things marketing and products. How-To lists, Tips, Tech, and Shopping are some of her favorites, but she can research and write on almost any topic.
Currently pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Sabrina loves to research and write content on new frontiers.
Projects by Industry
High Tech

Sabrina has long been around tech-savvy friends, family, and relatives. Her brother recently became a software engineer for a large military company in the Western United States, after years of self-taught programming led him into his technical field of college.
Being around her older brother for years like she has, Sabrina has developed her own interest in technologies- Not enough to warrant her learning Python or C++, but enough to read technology news daily, and follow updates and up-and-coming technologies.


Since she was a small girl, Sabrina often loved shopping for new clothes, shoes, accessories, et cetera. As she grew older, she realized how much of an impact a misspelled word could have in the purchasing of an item online- And how much business a company would lose because of simple, three worded descriptions for a product that deserved much more.


This is what began it all. Sabrina's love of gaming drove her to accept her first job offer as an independent, freelancing writer, and she has since never looked back.

Projects by Asset Type

Sabrina found that she had a knack for writing articles after reading several popular news sites online. She couldn't fathom how some of the grammatical errors and major spelling errors got through to the level of being published without being questioned once by an editor, writer, or even auto-correct itself. This led her to seek article writing jobs in the future, and she takes time to research and proofread every one.


Sabrina's always had a bit of a knack for sniffing out the best advertisments- She'd follow her mother around on sale days in the mall, looking at the sales, and determining which product was offering the best deal, both in money price, and quality given.

Product Description

Sabrina, since beginning her career as a freelance writer two years ago, has written many product descriptions. Nothing is more challenging for a writer than making something they know nothing about seem enticing- This is why Sabrina goes directly to the marketing site, and actively receives quotes, testimonials, and if affordable, will buy and test the product before trying to sell it to another customer.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Sabrina excels in the general type of writing- It comes easy to someone who's been in the industry for over two years. One of the most requested types of writing, she loves writing in a casual, informative tone.


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