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Rick Z

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Location Green Bay, WI
Education Bachelors Degree
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Rick is a full time writer and blogger, running his own blog site.
Rick specializes in blog posts, humor based articles and commentary, but can excel and almost any writing task put before him.
Rick's interests are eclectic. He loves baseball, comic books, pro wrestling, nerdy TV shows and movies and of course his blog.
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Sep 2002 – May 2006
English, Literature, Creative Writing, Bachelor of Arts

Rick continued his family history of love for English classes while in college by majoring in English at UWGB. He had enough credits for an emphasis in both Literature and Creative Writing, but no one in the administration seemed to care enough to let him declare for that, but he knows it in his heart.

Projects by Industry

Pointing out the ridiculousness of the modern entertainment world is one of Rick's great joys. He has a love/hate relationship with many TV shows and movies, as they can be both amazingly brilliant and infuriatingly terrible (he's looking at you, Walking Dead). His current blog is a celebration of all things that are wonderful and awful in the world of nerdy entertainment today.


Rick ran a baseball-centric blog for a few months in 2008 before his work duties got in the way. Now a full time writer and blogger, he currently writes about pro wrestling and has plans to launch another baseball-only blog when the stars align.


Almost all of Rick's writing contains humor as it is more difficult for him to take it out than it is to put it in. His typical style includes pointing out the absurdity in pop culture and sports/pro wrestling.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Rick started blogging on a trial basis a few years ago, but was unable to keep it at his lofty standards while working full time. Now a full time writer and blogger, he has launched his first website to bring people together to talk about nerdy topics such as movies, TV shows, comics and even pro wrestling. Once this site has taken off, he has plans for a second site dedicated to baseball.

Facebook Post

Rick has used Facebook almost since its inception as he was in college at the same time as that Zuckerberg guy. He has created pages for his blog and a podcast he used to do. He used it to drive traffic to the sites in order to increase readers/listeners.

Twitter Post

Twitter is a tool Rick uses to his advantage in order to drive traffic to his blog. By tagging subjects of the posts, he hopes to draw attention of the subjects' followers to the posts. He also hopes to gain new followers of his own and to have people retweet, growing his audience.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Rick has the ability to write about any topic. In college he was known for churning out quality papers quickly and on time, regardless of the subject matter. While he, like everyone, has certain areas of expertise, he can write with excellence in any number of areas.


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