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Sharon is a detailed and experienced writer with an over 24-year brick-and-mortar career and a nearly six-year self-employed career. She has worked in the sales and marketing industry, the legal field, the nonprofit sector, and in business and finance among other industries. She has a passion for prose and also edits and audits online content and self-published writers. She is putting the finishing touches on her first work of fiction, a 500-plus page thriller, soon to be released.

No matter the topic, it is something about which Sharon can write. In her previous published works, she has crafted articles ranging from accounting and animal care to tax law and zoology. She enjoys research as much as writing, and thrives when under pressure to learn something new when tasked with an assignment. In fact, when asked what she loves best about her job, her reply is always, "I learn something new every day."

Although she is published under her own byline, Sharon has also ghostwritten numerous articles and blogs. As with her writing, her blogging covers a diverse range of topics from truck driving to nursing to travel to environmental issues. A cynic of blogging at first, Sharon has truly come to appreciate this medium of expression and hopes to begin her own blog soon when time permits.

Alongside writing and editing, Sharon enjoys working with feral cats in her free time and has actively trapped, neutered and released several of these wonderful animals into safe environments, including fostering kittens into adoption. She enjoys spending time with her friends, cooking, living an active lifestyle and relaxing with a good book at the end of the day.
Writing, Editing, Content Auditing, SEO, Research
All things literary, music, animal rescue, cooking and food, hiking, traveling and political science.
Projects by Industry

Sharon has extensive experience in business and finance, not only working within the business realm for 24 years, but also in the self-employed capacity for the last six years. She has written, edited and audited countless articles and blog posts on business, both small and corporate; finance, both personal and start-up; nonprofit; and taxes. She can research any business topic of which she is not well versed.


Being a travel ghost blogger over the last several years has been one of Sharon's most enjoyable projects. Not only were the angle and tone of the blog posts fun and casual, she also learned about many places throughout the world of which she held little knowledge. An avid traveler herself when time permits, Sharon believes wholeheartedly that the only way one can truly become a well-rounded individual is to visit and learn about the wonderful cultures that make up our planet.


Sharon is an avid animal lover who has written and edited hundreds of articles surrounding cat and dog care. She has also authored unique pieces about wild animals, sea life and zoology. She works with feral cats in her free time, and is a supporter of animal rights. She believes that pets are people, too, and thoroughly enjoys educating people about the wonderful ways animals can enrich all of our lives.

Projects by Asset Type

Sharon has extensive article writing, editing and auditing experience. This includes items she has composed while working in her brick-and-mortar career, alongside articles composed and published while self-employed.

She possesses a unique and eclectic knowledge of numerous topics, which she has gained over her diverse career, and she is a research guru who is able to thoroughly understand new subjects prior to putting her "pen to the page."

Blog Post

Sharon began ghost blogging approximately two years ago and has learned to thoroughly enjoy this new form of literary medium. She blogged for numerous websites covering an extensive array of topics.

Her blogs have discussed environmental issues and awareness, the nursing industry and its importance to healthcare, small business and finance, truck driving and travel.

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Research Writer

Sharon has extensive expertise in several mediums, including article writing, blogging, business and legal writing, contracts, nonprofit writing, sales and marketing, social media and fiction writing and editing. She brings to the table a diverse career that has spanned 30 years. What she doesn't know, she will learn, and she has the added benefit of being an editor and auditor with a keen eye for clear and concise prose that is well constructed and beneficial to its reader.


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