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Andrew W

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Location Phoenix, AZ
Education Masters Degree
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Andy W. has been a successful freelance writer and editor for over fifteen years and has also been employed, on a salaried basis, as Lead Writer for two multimedia companies.

Ghostwriting books has been his main focus in recent years. He has written, ghostwritten, or deeply edited over fifty books in the self-help, memoir, business advice, spirituality/inspiration, leadership, psychology, children's, and humor genres. Some of these have been for NY Times bestselling authors, and many have been published by top houses.

As a scriptwriter, he has had over twenty screenplay options/commissions in Hollywood. He has also written the scripts for over 25 computer/video games, many of which have won major industry awards. His award-winning stage play Empties has had several productions and has been optioned for film development.

He has written numerous articles, white papers, blog posts, speeches, and seminar scripts, in addition to marketing copy, web copy, packaging copy, and audio scripts.

Prior to becoming a writer, Andy worked in the counseling field and ran a mental health agency. He also has extensive experience as an actor, comedian, stage director, musician, voice director, and lyricist.
Writing and editing books, scripts, articles, and general copy
Books: Self-help, humor, business, psychology, spirituality, children's fiction and non-fiction
Screenplays: comedy, fantasy, horror, romantic comedy, thriller, drama
Games: virtually any game type, especially those requiring humor and well-developed story-lines and characters
Guitar, nature, hiking, movies, reading, metaphysics, spirituality, travel, food and wine
Emerson College Professional Writing, Masters

Graduated with a 3.63 GPA.

Honors and Awards
Home PC Excellence Award For Darby the Dragon, a now "classic" children's adventure game that Andy wrote and designed.

Two 1996 BESSIE Awards (Best Educational Software) In 1996, two of the three BESSIE Awards given were for titles that Andy wrote - the interactive storybook Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage, and the adventure game Darby the Dragon.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Innovation Award Awarded to children's interactive book The Little Samurai, which Andy wrote and designed.

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Educational Title of the Year, 1999 Awarded to JumpStart Preschool, a children's computer game for which Andy wrote the man song lyrics.

Codie Award Nominee For M&Ms: The Lost Formulas, which Andy wrote and designed.

2005 Interactive Academy Award Nominee For Scrabble Online, of which Andy was the writer/designer.

For the children's online game, Playhouse Disney Preschool Time Online, of which Andy was the main writer.

Anna Hamilton Phelan Script Award Received this award for the stage play Empties.

Projects by Industry
Self Help

Andy worked in the counseling/mental health field before becoming a writer and was Executive Director of Psychiatric Associates of Lawrence for seven years. He has been a lifelong student of self-help literature and keeps current with the latest trends in self-help. He has ghostwritten numerous self-help books, including books with an additional emphasis on business, psychology, and spirituality. His insights into personal development are far deeper than those of the average ghostwriter.


Andy is a former stand-up comic who has written material for other working and established comedians. He has scripted a number of comedy screenplays that have been optioned in Hollywood. He is often brought in to add humor to books, speeches, seminars, and games. He is the ghostwriter of several humorous books and the credited writer of several comedic computer games.


Andy has been a lifelong spiritual "seeker" and has had first-hand experience with numerous spiritual/philosophical paths, both traditional and "New Age." These include meditation, mantras, Buddhism, Catholicism, est, and shamanism, among others. He has ghostwritten numerous books with spiritual/inspirational topics or underpinnings. Andy has also has written fiction screenplays and children's books that explore spiritual and self-empowerment themes.

Projects by Asset Type

Andy has ghostwritten and/or deeply edited numerous non-fiction books for adults and both fiction and non-fiction books for children, as listed in his resume. He is also the credited writer of several children's books and a comic book. He has a wide range of writing and editing skills and can do whatever is needed on a book project, from conceiving, planning, and ghostwriting the entire book to rewriting/revising a rough manuscript to polished line editing.


Andy's graduate work at Emerson College focused primarily on scriptwriting. While a student there, he wrote the award-winning stage play Empties, which has had several productions. He is the scriptwriter for more than 25 published computer games, many of which have won major industry awards, and is also the writer or ghostwriter of numerous seminar, video, and training scripts. He has had over 20 screenplay options in Hollywood.


Andy has ghostwritten numerous articles and white papers for websites, periodicals, and company publications. He has also written or heavily edited many article-like blog posts for companies and websites in the business training, self-improvement, philosophy, psychology, industry-specific, and spirituality areas. He specializes in writing about dry topics with humor and an engaging, conversational style.

Projects By Expertise
Book Ghostwriter

As noted above, Andy's main specialty in recent years has been ghostwriting books. He has ghostwritten about fifty books in the self-help, psychology, spirituality, business, humor, and children's genres. Some of these have been for NY Times bestselling authors and many have been published by top houses such as BenBella Books, Random House, HCI, and Impact. Andy can work with a client from the first seeds of an idea, through a polished, publishable manuscript. He can do pure ghostwriting as well as a full range of editing work, including developmental editing, heavy rewriting, and polished line editing. He also specializes in writing winning book proposals, which have netted several clients publishing deals and/or agency representation.


Andy is an experienced copywriter who has been hired for numerous projects including web copy, marketing copy, and package copy. He has a strong understanding of marketing and can write virtually any type of copy for any purpose. He has a talent for quickly grasping the tone of a brand and writing copy in just the right voice. Because of his experience in interactive entertainment, he is also able to write for a wide range of interactive applications, such as websites and online training programs.


Editing is one of Andy's core skills. He can step in as an editor at any stage in a project, from the early developmental stages through the polished line-editing stage. Andy has edited articles, blog posts, scripts, copy of various sorts, and books. He has done freelance editing for publishers such as Random House, BenBella Books, and Brown Books. Though his specialties are self-help, spirituality, memoirs, business, humor, and children's books, he can edit virtually any type of book, fiction or non-fiction. Clients appreciate his ability to preserve their voice, meaning, and intention, while substantially improving the reading experience. His trademark is adding a level of humor and sparkle to the manuscript, if requested, during the editing process.


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