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Jeanne C

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When it comes to writing, Jeanne has dabbled in everything from neuroscience research papers to poetry to spiritual self-help blog articles. She likes to think of herself as a versatile and well-rounded writer, always seeking to infuse art into science, and logic into heart.

Writing has always been her outlet for ideas and musings. She's in the beginning stages of launching her first blog, which illustrates the everyday life of a country girl who somehow finds herself living in the Big Apple, and learning to love it.

Jeanne spent many of her days at age 13 typing away at her amateur novels. In high school and college, she often volunteered to edit her friends' essays, excited to have the opportunity to turn "good" into "perfect". She quickly learned that time spent on an essay was proportional to its quality (and grade), but in the professional world she mastered the skill of a quick turnaround.

Jeanne is currently an editor and web producer who manages, among many other responsibilities, a growing team of writers who contribute weekly content to a religious/educational blog ( She is also the go-to content creator at her current workplace, and played a key role in developing and teaching the style guide there. Unlike many other tasks, writing is one that Jeanne is always open for and happy to do in her spare time.

Though she feels confident to research and write in any field, she is most well-versed and practiced in psychology, neuroscience (and science in general), religion and literature. To Jeanne, a good read is one that is 1) intellectual, 2) funny and 3) fresh. Jeanne strives to master this in her own writing as well.
Psychology, neuroscience, statistics, lifestyle, writing, special needs, crafts, traveling, Europe, French language, social media, web design, content creation, church/religion/spirituality
Music, neuroscience, nonfiction, the special needs community, art, painting, photography, self-help, empowerment/encouragement
University of Maryland, College Park Aug 2009 – Jun 2012
Psychology, Neuroscience, Bachelor of Science

Jeanne received her Bachelor of Science in just three years due to high school Advanced Placement classes which expedited her studies. She was a research assistant at the Maryland Neurocognitive Development Lab and was also in the Honors program. Among her favorite courses were professional writing, literature, relationship psychology, neuro-biological labs, child development, advanced statistics and French language and literature.

Honors and Awards
Mark S. Harper Award for Excellence in Psychology Jun 2012
Jeanne received this award for her academic excellence in the psychology department at the University of Maryland and her volunteer activities in the local community.

Projects by Industry

Jeanne majored in psychology and minored in neuroscience. She has read and written countless research papers and is fluent in "science speak."


Jeanne took a course on relationships and communication psychology, and to this day remembers, practices and writes about the methods covered in that class. She has written one article titled, "5 Steps to Having Better Conversations" for the DP Life blog.


Jeanne is a writer, editor and content creator for the DP Life blog, a site with nearly 40,000 Facebook followers. Anything that is posted on that site goes through her first.

Projects by Asset Type

Jeanne is an editor, writer and content producer for multiple web platforms affiliated with her current workplace, including DP Life - a spiritual blog.

Facebook Post

Jeanne is the social media manager of multiple Facebook pages, including that of DP Life which currently has nearly 40,000 followers (and almost 2,000 new followers per week).

Blog Post

In addition to managing the DP Life blog, Jeanne is preparing to launch her own blog which illustrates her life as a country girl living in the Big Apple - and learning to love it.

Projects By Expertise

Though Jeanne's workplace employs a copywriter, Jeanne often performs this task when the workload is heavy. She is keenly aware of basic grammar, sentence structure and punctuation principles. She is also very experienced in editing content that was spoken or written by someone whose first language is one other than English.


Jeanne is the Associate Editor and Producer at her current workplace. She manages a growing team of writers, trains them to adhere to the style guide and prepares blog posts for posting online (web and social media). She has been working in this role since 2012 and occasionally edits web and academic content on a volunteer basis.


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