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Amanda R

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Amanda currently works as a freelance writer and editor for several companies. At Sanctuary Marketing Group, she writes blogs, website pages, and landing pages for various clients. She creates social media posts and writes blogs for Nature's Sunshine Wellness Center. With Local Labs, she rewrites press releases into story articles. She also creates travel articles and various other writing assignments for clients on another content site. In addition, she is the editor for Urban Design Associates, an international architecture and design firm.

Previously, Amanda has worked for 30 Degrees North, where she wrote blogs and social media posts for a neurosurgeon and composed fliers for an orthopedics office. She was a writing tutor at Malone University's Writing Center, the assistant editor of "Sightlines: A Journal of the Arts," and an administrative assistant at Malone University's English Department.

She is a diligent worker and fast learner -- she guarantees 100% to every assignment.
Website landing pages
Health, fitness, and nutrition
Current events
Outdoor recreation
The University of Oxford Oxford Fantasists; Jane Austen and the Rise of the Woman Novelist, Bestsemester Study Abroad Program

Amanda attended the University of Oxford for five weeks as part of the Bestsemester Study Abroad Program. She considers those five weeks to be the best of her life. Studying at Oxford reignited her love for learning, literature, and the writing life.

Malone University English major; Psychology minor, BA

Amanda earned her English major and psychology minor from Malone University in just three years. She transferred 28 postsecondary credits from the Community College of Beaver County, enabling her to graduate a year early.

Honors and Awards
Outstanding Graduate in English for the Class of 2012 Amanda received the most prestigious award available to English majors at Malone University. The Outstanding Graduate in English award is given to students based on their GPA and ethics. All of the professors from Malone's Department of Language and Literature meet once a year to vote on the recipient; Amanda is the only student to have been unanimously voted for this award.

Dean's List Honors Student Amanda's name consistently appeared on the Dean's List at Malone University. Her high GPA was formally recognized once each year at a campus-wide event.

International Honors Student Amanda was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa when she was still a high school student. She attended a community college for postsecondary credits, which is where she earned the award.

Alpha Rho Iota Amanda joined Alpha Rho Iota (a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta). This honors society is specifically for English majors. She participated in meetings and events. She was the youngest person ever inducted into the society, and she maintained her status within Alpha Rho Iota with her strong GPA.

Honors Student Amanda completed the Malone University Honors Program, which requires advanced classes, additional activities, organizing events, and writing, editing, defending, and presenting a senior honors these. She maintained her status in the program by keeping a high GPA.

Projects by Industry

Amanda has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world, and she is eager to travel even more in the future! She has been to Canada, Tobago, Trinidad, Grenada, Barbados, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Gibraltar, Monaco, and South Africa, among others. Her two favorite travel experiences include studying abroad at the University of Oxford and kayaking in the fjords of Geiranger, Norway.


Amanda has written 43 blogs about the outdoors, and she is excited to continue writing even more. Raised as farm girl, she enjoys being outside, whether she is running, hiking, kayaking, or climbing trees.

All of her outdoor blogs have been for Appalachian Outfitters and Kendall Cliffs, a joint retail store and rock climbing gym. More samples of her work are available on the Appalachian Outfitters blog page.


Amanda has written more than 100 marketing articles for a marketing company based in Ohio. Her landing pages and blog posts have included a wide range of topics for services like automobile, cleaning, legal, dental, renovation, technology, crematorium, and retail. She participates in conference calls, researches topics, uses SEO, and writes, edits, and submits the articles. Most of her writing has been for repeat clients.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

Amanda has written a wide variety of blog posts for many industries, including automobile services, a retail store, cleaning companies, woodworking technology services, and more. She loves learning about the various topics and thoroughly researches each subject before beginning the writing process. She carefully revises, edits, and proofreads each blog before submitting the final copy to the client.


While working for a marketing company, Amanda has written a wide variety of advertisement pieces. She enjoys analyzing not just what a particular service offers but why customers would require those services and what those customers are seeking; she places herself in the position of the customer and considers what she would look for in a particular situation. Then she uses the client’s information as well as her own research to develop convincing advertising.

News Story

Amanda began working for Local Labs in October 2014, and since that time she has rewritten more than 1000 press releases. Her articles have been published in Pennsylvania Business Daily, the Miami Herald, the Los Angeles Times, Vaccine News Daily, Austin Homes, Yekaterinburg News (a news source based in Russia), and other publications.

Projects By Expertise

Amanda enjoys writing persuasive copywriting materials for a marketing company in Ohio. She has written more than 100 of these articles for the company, and many of her articles have been repeat clients. She has taken webinar courses to improve her copywriting skills. Her education and experiences help her to consider a product or service from multiple perspectives, enabling her to create persuasive arguments.


Amanda has rewritten more than 1000 press releases about politics, economics, business, education, international relations, lifestyle, green living, and home design and décor. She believes that it is important for people to be aware of what is happening in the world's current events, whether those events are within their own neighborhood or halfway around the world.

Research Writer

Amanda has written well over 1000 different articles, blog posts, and news stories during her career as a freelance writer and editor. She loves learning about a wide variety of topics, and her work portfolio demonstrates this in her wide variety of topics. She has thoroughly researched and convincingly written about services that she had never heard of, products used ways that she had never imagined, and current events in places that she never knew existed. Her favorite parts about freelance writing are that the topics are always different and that she is always learning something new.

Projects by Writing Style

Amanda has written more than 100 promotional articles for a marketing company. She enjoys using her English and psychology background to consider multiple angles of a particular topic. If a client wants to sell grass fertilizer, Amanda researches various grass fertilizers, considers what she would look for in a grass fertilizer, and uses client information that will best fit a customer's needs.


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