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Pam S

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Pam is happy to offer innovative and effective content, professionally presented in an appropriate format. As a 'recovering attorney', community activist and parent, she has been involved with dozens of professional and community activities. She currently uses her education, experience and insight to craft unique, entertaining articles and posts.

For over 25 years, Pam has been writing as a lawyer, and also in support of community issues that touch her heart. Much of her work has been 'persuasive', but she has also enjoyed creating pieces in a wide variety of formats:
Legal -- Legal writing entails not just persuading the reader to accept the argument, but also telling the clients' story in a compelling and intriguing manner. A good legal brief will 'humanize' the driest client, while skillfully weaving in the science, facts and law that sell the case.
Commercial -- For business clients and charitable entities, she's written ad copy selling products and services, and soliciting donations and volunteers. Regardless of the subject of the pitch, a good advertisement offers to satisfy a need of the buyer/donor, while also triggering the emotional response necessary to compel the sale/donation. She finds this to be really fun work.
Informative -- Pam has a strong belief that reliable information triggers positive engagement. Through newsletters and articles, she's informed her community about dozens of 'need to know' issues, from selling popcorn to volunteering with disabled adults. As a grant writer, she's raised thousands of dollars by thoughtfully identifying social concerns and successfully encouraging others to help out through financial donations.
Instructional -- Great work is done by people who have great training. Pam spent years developing training materials to educate volunteers on complexities of the child welfare system. She has learned that a comprehensive training manual ensures consistency of action across cohort groups and over time, and can be an invaluable asset as a sales tool.

In terms of subject matter, she's researched and written on topics from Autism to Zeppelins. She's applied analysis and comparisons; created charts and graphs, and narrated stories from pictures. What she's really enjoyed is connecting her readers to the wide, wonderful world in which they live.
In her legal work, Pam has focused on vulnerable populations, non-profit entities, and securing the future through estate planning, and the development of wills and trusts.
Outside her practice, Pam is involved in gardening and the environment, travel and hosting a good party.
California Western School of Law Law, Juris Doctorate

Pam has been practicing law for over twenty years. Her primary focus has been on vulnerable populations (Children, disabled, mentally ill, elderly), and she has advanced their causes through litigation, collaboration, and policy and law creation and implementation.

Projects by Industry

Pam grew two of her own children, and has been actively involved in raising several others in her community. Through her participation in Boy and Girl Scouts, the Parent Teacher Club, academic and extra-curricular activities at school and especially her work in the Child Welfare system, Pam has engaged with hundreds of children and their families. She has learned a thing or two about how to raise a child into a successful adult.


Pam has written informative opinion letters to and for insurance companies, persuasive treatises for judges, arbitrators and mediators, and legislative proposals for entities working at creating or changing law. She wants the non-legal population to know that every legal document uses facts, science and analysis to convey the uniquely personal story of the client, whoever that client may be.

Non Profit

Pam has been a Director, Board member, and consultant to numerous non-profit organizations. She is very clear about the distinction between the work of the Board and the work of the Staff, and has assisted many organizations get clarity on those differences. As a grant writer, she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of children both happy (scouts) and sad (fosters).

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

In most of her many activities, Pam has had the pleasure of informing the media of up-coming events or breaking news. She has also assisted many clients in crafting clear, succinct statements that accurately and enticingly convey their intended message to the target audience.


Working with both businesses and non-profit entities, Pam has created informative articles to educate the public on issues or opportunities. She thoroughly enjoys learning and writing about new opportunities for fun or profit, and encouraging the general public to engage more fully in local social and recreational activities.


Because of the diversity of her clientele over time, Pam has had the privilege of reasearching and developing informational documents on a wide variety of topics. She truly enjoys doing research and creating materials that capture the client's specific viewpoint in a clever and engaging manner.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Like many general-practice attorneys, Pam has had the opportunity to become educated on a long list of topics. She's mastered subject matters as diverse as infant care and federal standards for care of disabled adults. And she's presented information in a wide variety of formats, depending on the needs of the client and the goal to be reached.


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