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Lissa J

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Lissa has been writing for years, covering a variety of styles, formats and directions. She has owned her own company since the 1980s, called Up The Street Music. Content marketing has been part of her primary objective in booking bands, locally and on long distance tours. Her ability to communicate through words has been an essential factor in the success of the bands she has represented. Her responsibilities have included creating promotional materials, writing ad copy, letters and emails, and creating and negotiating contracts. With much hard work, she ran the business profitably.

Recently, Lissa has been researching and writing articles and answers online for several companies. She knows AP style writing, and has currently begun academic writing MLA style. Lissa also has a background as a legal secretary working freelance and for several agencies in New York. She has all the necessary office skills, and knows MS Office Suite.
Content, blog, article and creative writing, research, editing and proofreading
Food, pets, current events, music and psychology
Goddard College, Oakland University and University of Michigan English and Music, 2 years credit - no degree

Lissa attended three colleges, accumulating two years credit altogether. She left college primarily due to family reasons, and also because the specific training she was looking for in music, at that time, was not being provided.

Licensed Series 56 Day Trader SEC
This test is required by the Securities and Exchange Commission for individuals to trade with certain brokerage firms. It takes several months to prepare for this test; it is quite extensive. Lissa is licensed to buy and sell stocks for herself and relatives.

Projects by Industry

Lissa has been writing for an online website as an Answer Writer. She researches answers to specific questions on approved websites, and answers questions using the AP writing style. Lissa has recently been writing articles pertaining to food, from recipes to the importance of eating certain foods and food combinations, to the details of serving a proper meal. She enjoys writing about food because she is an avid cook and baker, and has done catering on the side for years.


Lissa has been writing for a number of online companies, requiring blog, answer and educational writing. She knows AP style writing as well as MLA format writing. She enjoys the challenge of different styles, as well as the research involved. Lissa has written for several E Learning websites with topics ranging from proper study habits, the importance of learning specific subject material and more in-depth papers on a variety of topics. She does her homework to ensure a complete grasp of the subject matter in order to write an intelligent, well-crafted article or answer.


Since the beginning of the year, Lissa has been answering a lot of questions in the healthcare field. She has enjoyed learning more about the human body, and particularly enjoys investigating alternatives to mainstream medicine. She finds it interesting to read articles with different opinions on, for example, how to treat specific symptoms. This is where the skill of a writer comes in - to make it clear to the reader there are choices and information to help make informed decisions.


Lissa has owned her own music business company for over 20 years. It has involved three primary categories of work; promotion, marketing and booking. Promotion of single artists and bands has included special events such as raffle drawings for trips, distribution of t-shirts and CDs and being selected to sing with the band. The type and level of promotion depends on the venue, payment and length of performance schedule. Marketing requires a portfolio with CD, including a biography of the performer or band, which is sent out to club owners, booking agents and managers. I create ad copy for a variety of platforms, from internet publicity to local flyers made with basic graphics and catchy headlines to entice an audience. Booking requires making necessary travel arrangements, assuring proper stage set-up, writing and executing contracts and following through to ensure venue and artist are both happy with the entire business and performance arrangements.

Projects by Asset Type
Press Release

Lissa has written many promotional releases as well as biographical reviews. She has owned her own business for over 30 years that books and tours bands in and out of the U.S. Part of her job has been to put together promotional kits and negotiate and create performance contracts. She has also written ad copy and press releases for upcoming shows. The writing sample being provided was put together with a package sent out to songwriting publishers and venues in order to enhance the Artist's career.

Technical Article

Lissa'a current work has included researching and writing 200 minimum word answers, APA style, to a variety of questions. Her job is to consolidate the most pertinent information on a topic into an easily readable article. Below is the first paragraph to a salad dressing recipe, phrased so that the reader can easily follow step by step. Lissa researches the value of supplements, causes and treatment of diseases in relation to food, and the benefits for so many conditions of maintaining a healthy diet.


Lissa has owned her own company for over 30 years, and during this time created, for artists and bands, countless promotional kits, press releases and advertisements in various mediums. The latest artist she worked with is named Danny D, and she not only put together a beautifully packaged promotional kit and all the contents, she gave him voice lessons as well. Lissa sang professionally for many years and has taught voice for 20 years.

Projects By Expertise
Research Writer

Lissa has written about many topics in a variety of styles. She has the ability to do research on any subject to gain a direct understanding of the material in order to write an intelligent response or answer. She is submitting an article she wrote on trapping feral cats, as she spent seven years trapping, neutering or spaying, and trying to find homes for these cats and kittens. It was a very time consuming endeavor done to alleviate the misery of future generations born outside with no home. Lissa ended up keeping eight of the cats she trapped. Two died last year, and the remaining six are between the ages of 15 and 18 years old. If she had the time and money, she would continue to trap because, although a thankless job, she still feels for these poor creatures that struggle every day to survive.


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