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Education Masters Degree
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Elizabeth T. is a professional writer with experience writing online catalog copy, trade magazine articles, web pages for home decor and construction company websites, and how-to articles on dozens of fresh DIY topics. She is an expert blogger with a knack for breaking down complex topics into friendly, easily-digestible posts. With a Renaissance woman's interest in all forms of creative expression and human interest, she loves to dig into research for her writing projects. Her broad knowledge base elevates her work for clients and makes their projects sing.

Elizabeth holds a master's degree in English and creative writing. In addition to writing short fiction and poetry, she is also an accomplished writer of academic white papers and research projects. She puts this experience to good use as a developmental editor for both academic and fiction writers. Her ability to craft a well-turned metaphor also sets apart her commercial writing.

Elizabeth T. is a certified educator with 18 years of classroom experience teaching English and Spanish at all levels, from kindergarten to college. She has published multiple curricula and white papers for school districts as well as parent-friendly articles and blog posts. In addition to her work as a teacher, Elizabeth is a master gardener with over 15 years of experience growing food using sustainable methods. She has written about her adventures and offered advice about organic gardening, food preservation, cooking, frugal living, DIY projects and travel on her lifestyle blog since 2011.

Hundreds of satisfied clients agree that working with Elizabeth is makes it easy to enjoy high-quality, professional writing for all of their projects. See what they have to say about her work:

"I requested a satirical piece and Elizabeth came up with the best original content and wrote an amazing piece with excellent imagery and prose. I am going to return to her for future needs. Her writing is brilliant."

"Outstanding work! She takes what I envision and brings to life in an easy to understand format. Elizabeth delivers excellent copy time and time again."

"Elizabeth does outstanding work. She has a great easy-going, intelligent style."

"That was wonderful. We are just starting to market to a wider audience and look forward our growth as a portrait company with your help."

"Awesome job Elizabeth. This reads very smoothly, it's engaging, and we love how you cleverly incorporated those key words."

"Great post! Really funny! Thanks for your hard work and creativity."

"Amazing! Thanks for an awesome press release!"

"Thanks for the great communication. We value that as well as your great writing!"

"Well done. I really liked your style and you nailed the story that we are sharing with the cities."

"Thank you for the detailed explanation. The article is exceptional and we are very pleased. You are incredibly good. I am honored to work with you!"

"Thanks Elizabeth. I like the clean style, great voice. I look forward to working with you again."

"Elizabeth, I have never *not* loved something you've written for me and this is no exception. This post is fantastic!"

"Elizabeth thank you! You are my favorite writer now on this site!"
Organic gardening (fruits, vegetables, ornamentals)
Raising chickens
Sustainable living
Recipe writing
Interior design
Real estate
Musical theater
Education (pedagogy, curriculum, policy, parenting)
Home and office organization
Literary criticism
Spanish language
Art and culture
Figure skating
University of Massachusetts, Boston – Dec 2005
English/Creative Writing, MA

4.0 GPA

Wake Forest University – May 1998
English, Spanish, Secondary Education, BA
Projects by Industry

Elizabeth T. is a certified K-12 English and Spanish teacher with over 17 years of classroom teaching and professional curriculum writing experience. She has taught every grade from kindergarten to college and has written about language acquisition, executive functioning, and organizational techniques, most recently for a major Canadian communications company. She has published multiple curricula and white papers for school districts as well as parent-friendly articles and blog posts about everything from test preparation tips to advice for calming nerves before a recital. She is passionate about public schools and their relationships with the community, particularly with under-served constituencies.


Elizabeth T. is a master gardener with over 15 years of experience growing food using sustainable methods. In addition to organic gardening, she also writes about raising chickens, food preservation, cooking, frugal living and flower arranging on her lifestyle blog. Recent assignments have included articles for a major Canadian communications company and a start-up food website.

Home Living

Elizabeth T. has renovated two homes and has extensive experience in DIY carpentry, soft goods and home decor projects. She has also worked as a designer and organizational consultant for individuals and schools. Recent writing projects in this area include articles for a major Canadian communications company, web pages for home goods and construction material manufacturers, and blog posts for a slew of home decorating websites.


Elizabeth T. is a passionate traveler who seeks out authentic and affordable cultural experiences. As a fluent Spanish speaker, she is especially well-versed in backpacking the Spanish-speaking world. Other favorite countries include England, Wales and Portugal. She has criss-crossed the U.S. and has written about these adventures and offered travel tips in both blog posts and formal articles.


Elizabeth T. loves to interview contractors to write case studies and trade magazine articles. She has worked with marketing departments of major manufacturers to publish stories highlighting products and services. She has also developed landing pages and SEO blog posts for small business owners focusing on construction services and materials. Past clients have included outdoor concrete services, window suppliers and a major pipe fitting manufacturer.

Consumer Goods

Elizabeth is a pro at writing catalog copy for clothing, sporting goods, and plants. She can succinctly describe a product's features and make it appealing without descending into the word soup that so many online product descriptions suffer from. In addition to clothing stores, she has written website pages and extensive blog posts about everything from floral arrangements to custom window treatments.


Elizabeth T. is a community theater actor, director and stage manager who also sings in a band. A classically trained musician, Elizabeth loves to write reviews of musical and theatrical performances and has a wide range of knowledge of various genres of performance. She also occasionally edits and doctors scripts for stages and screens of all sizes.


Elizabeth T. is a math whiz who loves to teach others the ins and outs of personal finance. Her clear instructions and down-to-earth advice make her articles about personal finance fun to read and eminently useful. She has a strong interest in frugal living and early retirement and has contributed to many personal finance blogs. She also documented her own adventures in frugality in the “Trim the Fat Tuesday” series on her lifestyle blog.


Elizabeth T. grows most of her own food, so she’s a total pro when it comes to the seasonal and slow-food movements. She has written restaurant reviews, blog posts about local food scenes and articles for a major Canadian wine group. She can test and write original recipes and has been known to wax poetic about the virtues of a homegrown tomato.

Green Living

When it comes to green living, Elizabeth T. walks the walk with her organic gardening practices. She also writes about reducing energy consumption and has researched a number of environmental issues for her clients. Though climate change is serious, she can keep readers interested in making change without preaching at them. She’s happy to write about the environment in blog posts, white papers, or anything in between.


Elizabeth T. is a feminist with a sense of humor. She’s equally comfortable writing about serious social issues as she is teasing her readers about their first-world problems. She has published articles in online women’s magazines about a wide range of subjects and loves to inject a certain level of snark into her blogging for women.


Elizabeth T. has no-nonsense advice about living and working with others, but she can deliver it with a smile. Her blog posts about marriage and parenting focus on the everyday conflicts, but she also offers a splash of easily-digested research to convince readers of her wisdom.


Elizabeth T. puts her creative writing skills to good use as a writer and editor of short fiction and poetry. Her work ranges from an exploration of women’s changing roles to humorous sonnets and elegiac poems. Her true love of the liberal arts provides ample fodder for a range of artistic styles and topics, both in writing and in life. From writing original poetry for a marriage proposal to helping novice writers hone their story outlines, she’s able to do it all.


As a teacher and a parent, Elizabeth T. has learned a lot about raising kids and keeping them happy and healthy. She can translate education and medical jargon for parents and discuss the ups and downs of parenting with humor and understanding. She has written many blog posts offering advice and anecdotes as well as more formal articles about educational topics.


Whether you need a lighthearted tone or something dripping with snark, Elizabeth T. can get your readers to laugh. She enjoys peppering blog posts with humor and is happy crafting original pieces just for laughs. She has doctored comedy scripts and recently worked with a client to create niche, tongue-in-cheek press releases to help his business stand out.

Real Estate

Elizabeth T. excels in writing romance copy that sells houses and neighborhoods. Her love of architecture and interior design combined with her knowledge of construction are valuable assets in the real estate field. She also loves to create content that adds value for buyers looking to learn more about their new hometown.


Caring for animals comes with the territory of running a micro farm, so Elizabeth T. writes about common house pets as well as chickens, rabbits, small livestock, and even honeybees with the expertise that only comes from years of personal experience.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Using keywords properly is a lot like writing poetry — the best writers can follow the rules while making the reader forget the form entirely. Elizabeth T. can sneak keywords into her writing so that you'd never know they were there — just the way Google likes them.

Projects by Asset Type
Blog Post

In addition to writing and editing her own lifestyle blog about her adventures in organic gardening and green living, Elizabeth T. has written hundreds of blog posts for scores of satisfied clients. She’s a master of the conversational tone and can make any subject entertaining with the perfect turn of phrase. Her love of research and wide range of interests allow her to make any topic interesting and relevant.

White Paper

Elizabeth T.’s first love was academic writing, and she has a portfolio chock-full of insightful research papers on everything from the fall of France's Ancien Regime to the ways in which Edith Wharton’s decorating sense informed her novels. More recently she has turned her fine research skills to sharply reasoned analyses of environmental issues, construction industry trends and curriculum development. She’s one of those rare types who actually loves to research a new subject and is therefore is happy to tackle any topic.


Longform articles are one of Elizabeth T.’s favorite things to dive into. They allow for depth of coverage and a full exploration of a topic that suit her natural inclination towards thorough research. Elizabeth has written articles about an incredible variety of topics, and she always enjoys taking on a new challenge to increase her knowledge. She’s also skilled at finding a new lens through which to examine a subject, which makes her articles stand out.


From single-fold real estate bulletins to online goods and service brochures, Elizabeth T. uses her design sense to create a true marriage of words and images. Writing brochures requires balance above all, and her artistic training allows her to make full use of the power of a client’s photos in her brochure copy.

Facebook Post

Elizabeth T. understands that people don’t log on to Facebook to read ads. They want to connect with friends and family, and they want to connect with the world around them in an authentic way. To that end, her Facebook posts are always natural and conversational. She’s also a pro at finding interesting articles and links to share to add value to her clients’ brands — without a hard sell.

Press Release

Elizabeth T. knows that the trick to a great press release is making it sound so much like a news story that readers walk away feeling they've learned something — not like they've been reading an advertisement. She's a wizard at weaving in quotes and factual context to tell stories that stand out. From press releases introducing an indie band's latest single to ones trumpeting a product's impact on the market, she's done it all — including a whole new brand of humorous press releases to boot.

Product Description

Elizabeth T. has written customer-centric product descriptions for just about everything: sporting goods, tools, apparel, party supplies, flooring, and even orchard plants. Her journalistic style is a boon here, as she can prioritize the most important features for customers without creating a messy word soup of stock phrases and meaningless terms.


Elizabeth T. brings an actor's ear to her scriptwriting, so she creates perfectly natural dialogue — with a touch of humor when required. She'll also go the extra mile to collaborate on the imagery and story arc of commercial scripts, going well beyond her clients' expectations to create fully-realized commercial videos.

Projects By Expertise

Elizabeth T. has conducted interviews and reported on events both large and small. Her factual, to-the-point writing and solid grasp of AP style give her articles and press releases the glossy sheen of total professionalism. She has also mastered editing news articles to conform with target reading levels and developmental stages for educational outlets, so she’s sure to strike the right tone for any audience.


When it comes to great copy, one perfect word is worth more than a dozen that circle an idea without actually nailing it. Elizabeth T.'s formal Creative Writing training and deep love of poetry are major assets in her copywriting, as she is totally attuned to the delicate connotations and emotional forces at work in the English language. Rhythm, alliteration, imagery: they're all powerful tools in the hands of poets and copywriters alike, and Elizabeth T. uses them to maintain (or create!) the voice of a brand.

Research Writer

Elizabeth T. has researched a wide range of subjects to write carefully crafted and reasoned white papers. Her work includes humanities topics like literary criticism, linguistics, pedagogy, music theory, history, art, and cultural critique. She has more recently turned her research skills to economics, business, and technical projects.

Projects by Writing Style

As a lover of research, Elizabeth T. writes articles that establish your business as a leader in your industry. Whether you’re looking for a white paper, press release, or case study to highlight what you do best, her informative, thorough writing style will make you stand out from the crowd.


There’s a not-so-fine line between "pleasantly conversational" and “riddled with grammatical errors.” When you want to lure readers to your content with a casual, trademarked tone but need your work to be nothing less than professional, Elizabeth T. makes it happen. She can turn any subject into an interesting piece that teaches your readers something new — and makes them feel like a friend explained it to them. Her knack for breaking down complex topics into friendly, easily-digestible posts will take your blog to the next level.


When you need need a blog post or article with a heavy dose of snark to make it go down easy, Elizabeth T. is your go-to writer. Her wit and playfully skeptical eye allow her to skewer most subjects with surgical precision, and you’re guaranteed to laugh while still learning something.

Timing? Lightning-fast.

Sarcasm? Of course.

Puns? You’ll have to sign a waiver.


Elizabeth T. has conducted interviews and reported on events both large and small. Her factual, to-the-point writing and solid grasp of AP style give her articles and press releases the glossy sheen of total professionalism. She has also mastered editing news articles to conform with target reading levels and developmental stages for educational outlets, so she’s sure to strike the right tone for any audience.


Web pages, product descriptions, or blog posts that cleverly incorporate your product to solve a problem the reader didn’t even know she had? Just say what you need, and Elizabeth T. will deliver. Her promotional writing experience includes online catalog copy, brochures, press releases, case studies, white papers, and blog posts. Whatever you need to round out your content marketing strategy, Elizabeth T. will make it happen.

Projects by Company Size
Small Business

Elizabeth has worked with hundreds of small businesses to polish their webpages, write emails and product descriptions, and get that all-important first set of blog posts off the ground. She loves to work closely with clients to develop the voice of their brands and get their names out there with recognizable flair. She’s helped everyone from daycare owners to tech startups get the writing they need to stand out from the pack.

Medium Business

Medium-sized businesses make the world go 'round, and Elizabeth T. is happy to enhance their content marketing with her high-equality articles, blog posts, and product descriptions. Clients trust her unerring sense of style and attention to grammatical detail when they need custom work that’s a cut above what you’ll get from content mill moonlighters.

Fortune 500

Discretion is the better part of ghost writing, so Elizabeth T. is not at liberty to disclose which big companies she has written and edited for; however, her work on a major content marketing campaign for a tech giant can be seen across the internet — it often turns up on page one of Google search results!

Large Business

Elizabeth T. has written and edited articles and blog posts for several large companies making a big content marketing push. Past clients include a major telecommunications company, tech companies, and travel industry juggernauts.


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