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Juanita V

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Location Laurens, SC
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Juanita is an online ESL instructor for South Korean students, ages varying from kindergarten to middle age. She is very active in their educational progress, formulating curriculum specifically for their needs, helping them work through grammar and vocabulary text books, business English courses, current events, or free-talking conversation. Some students submit compositions which Juanita edits and revises for improved grammatical structure and reading flow. She must submit clear and concise bi-monthly progress reports for the students and/or their parents.

Juanita loves to write, as is evident from her prolific correspondence, poems and reflective pieces which have amassed throughout her life, although only select pieces have been published as yet. For her, writing is the best way to "talk" and to process logically the simple and complex aspects of daily life. She is a natural editor and precise speller, and she loves using a divers vocabulary and writing in an easy, engaging, conversational style.
While Juanita enjoys a number of activities and interests, she is very passionate on the subjects of nutrition and health, especially in the sub-categories of alternative medicine, essential oil therapy, aromatic medicine, herbalism, whole foods, etc., organic gardening, and the many aspects of home life, including green living, self-sufficiency, etc. She has studied these topics extensively and continues to further her education and bring the knowledge to bear in her personal life, as she is a special diets foodie, grows her own organic produce as much as possible, and tinkers at making natural home remedies.
Juanita finds enjoyment in a great many things. She loves the outdoors in any form, working in the yard or garden, taking long walks, reading a good book in the sunshine, going to the park with friends, and other such activities. She likes going to the beach and driving to the mountains. She also enjoys cooking and baking allergy-friendly foods, cleaning (it's true!), communicating with friends, etc. She has a natural affinity for writing, whether it is writing long and engaging letters to friends or personal pieces in the form of poems or prose. She plays piano and likes listening to many genres of music. She adores her niece and nephews!
Covington Theological Seminary Sep 1997 – Aug 2001
Religious Education, Bachelor of Religious Education

Juanita enrolled in a correspondence college in the autumn of 1997. She was required to read through the mandatory texts and then submit thorough, grammatically free-of-error reports on the completion of each course. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in August of 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Religious Education.

Projects by Industry

Juanita has read numerous books and magazines on the subject of gardening, pertaining to creating of decorative borders, rose gardens, combination planting, etc., and also more practical gardening, such as organic vegetables, fruit and nut cultivars, culinary and medicinal herbs, etc. She has not only implemented these studies into her own gardening style, it has enabled her to educate others in this field as well.

Home Living

Juanita loves being home and is particularly passionate about making it a happy and safe place to be. With rising concerns over the toxins and contaminants that are lurking in common household products, she has become adept at formulating non-toxic and potent cleaners, as well as researching safe, effective personal products, how to stretch a dollar when on a tight budget, interior decorating, food preservation, self-sufficient living, etc.


Juanita began having health struggles over 10 years ago, and after years of exhausting the allopathic medical route, seeking for answers which it did not have (except to write prescriptions for symptoms), she turned to the ever-widening options in alternative medicine. She has been to nutritionists, iridologists, internal medicine specialists, chiropractors, naturopaths, etc. It has been through such experiences that she gained any significant help at all in her health concerns, fueling her passion for further understanding of these emerging fields of medicine.


As Juanita's journey in health has led through a diversity of special diets, she, being a lover of good food, has taken the best from these diets and utilized them in creating appealing, unique dishes that do not sacrifice delicious taste in order to be "good for you." She is very familiar with the trending special foods diets and can speak and write with knowledge in these areas.


Juanita is renowned in her circles as a deal-finder and dollar-stretcher. In our economy, it is necessary to know some of the tricks of the trade, and Juanita has made it a goal to master these. She is still learning! Included in her money-saving arsenal are "couponing" (not quite extreme), shopping sales, online purchasing, buying in bulk, etc.


Juanita is rarely sitting with nothing to do. She is always involved in some project and usually has a to-do list that is impossibly long! She loves to crochet, sew, read, play piano, design and plant gardens (for herself and others), concoct home remedies, re-finish and paint/stain furniture, decorate both interior and exterior areas, raise chickens, preserve foods, make lacto-fermented foods, etc.

Projects By Expertise

For Juanita, grammatical and spelling accuracy is absolutely necessary. She has a hard time taking a product or advertisement seriously when there are glaring typographical errors in the presentation, so she is subconsciously editing and revising to make the ad more "marketable." She took an editing class during high school and loved it. In her occupation as ESL instructor, she frequently has opportunity to edit compositions submitted by her South Korean students, and this has been an enjoyable and satisfying part of her job.
Juanita would welcome other types of professional writing jobs which her previous experience has not included as yet.

Creative Writer

Juanita is a natural wordsmith and loves taking a topic and letting her mind -and fingers! - go wild. She tends to write more introspective, thoughtful pieces, trying to lead the reader through a maze of colorful descriptions and vocabulary to the passage end, where, with subtle progression, the reader understands the train of thought and embraces the conclusion.

Projects by Writing Style

When Juanita is passionate about a subject, she is able to take an authoritative tone. She loves doing research and is then able to pull from the sundry resources and deliver a well-written and logical presentation of the issue. Juanita has written a number of reviews for private individuals, particularly relating to her areas of expertise, in all of which she maintains a consistently authoritative yet respectful tone.


Juanita naturally has an easy, conversational, personal style about her writing. She has always tried to give her reader a real glimpse into her life by painting descriptive pictures with words, utilizing quaint expressions, and generally speaking in such a way that makes the reader feel as though he is present in the room and so able to "hear" voice inflections and "see" facial expressions. She has heard from many people that she achieves this goal in writing.


When Juanita is interested in a product, she becomes a salesperson just by default. When she studies something, she talks or writes about it. In this manner, she has convinced many people to try new products, investigate new programs, develop exercise or health regimens, etc. With a little research, Juanita can't help but be promotional.


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