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As a freelance writer frank brings more than 25 years of professional experience to the table. His diverse background includes being a serial entrepreneur, who started and operated five successful businesses. Frank's diverse background, combined with his meticulous research first, write second workflow affords him an unparalleled advantage which he readily shares with his clients.

As a licensed insurance professional and owner of a tax and accounting practice Frank offers substantial expertise in the areas of personal finance, taxes and insurance. His personal knowledge base also extends into the realm of entrepreneurship, small business management and marketing. He regularly contributes to Smart Asset, The Simple Dollar, Motley Fool and The Credit Solution Program as well as a significant number of print publications.
Frank's business, finance and insurance background are supplemented by his comprehensive understanding of technology. His writing styles run the gamut from light, conversational fare to formal and highly structured and are always matched to the audience he is writing for. He also possesses a sophisticated knowledge of web content development and SEO thanks to a decade spent building several internet based enterprises.
Frank's personal interests are as eclectic as his professional experience. At home, he is a gourmet cook who enjoys developing his own unique takes on classic dishes. He is an avid student of history with a particular interest in the late Roman Republic and its influence on early American history. Frank is also what some might call a fitness fanatic since there is seldom a day where he is not exercising either at the gym, on his mountain bike or hiking.
St. Francis College English, English, B.A.

Frank studied English with the goal of securing a perch in the pantheon of American literature.

Honors and Awards
English, Article and Content Writing Frank has scored in the top 10% on Elance writing exams for English and article writing and in the top 30% for content writing.

Association Memberships
Pennsylvania School Board Association Became a member of the PSBA upon election to Bangor Area School District Board of Directors.

Pennsylvania Department of Insurance Licensed to sell; life, accident, health, homeowners and auto insurance in Pennsylvania.

E License Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Sports Association
Certified E Level youth soccer coach.

Server, Office, Windows Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Certifications; Server, Office, Windows

Projects by Industry

Frank has written extensively about all aspects of business from start-up strategies to management and taxes. His background as a serial entrepreneur and small business owner is combined with his extensive professional experience to deliver insightful articles and content to clients. Frank's contributions can be found not only across the web and under his own byline, but in print and other media as ghostwritten material for busy executives and business owners.


Finance in general and personal finance in particular are not only topics Frank has written hundreds of thousands of words about but are topics he feels passionately about. Frank strongly believes that finance is at the core of all endeavors not only business. His range of experience extends from personal finance topics such as household budgeting to corporate debt restructuring.


As a licensed insurance agent Frank has a comprehensive understanding of all forms of personal and commercial insurance. He brings common sense and understandable language to what can often be an impenetrable topic. He regularly contributes to a number of online outlets where he dispels myths and misunderstandings and brings a clarity to murky concepts for both consumer and business audiences.


Frank's knowledge of banking policies and procedures is derived from his time spent working for several of the world's most prominent investment banks along with his far-reaching experience in business. Frank has contributed to both consumer and business publications, on banking topics from credit awareness to financing options and opportunities.


Frank's approach to employment and career topics is based on his practical know-how that comes from decades spent on both sides of the hiring desk. In addition to the expertise he gained from direct personal involvement in the hiring process, he understands the strategic objectives behind hiring decisions. The ability to understand the connections between strategic goals and practical considerations renders Frank's insights invaluable.


Operating a tax and accounting practice when coupled with decades of hands on business experience brings a unique perspective to Frank's writing about tax topics. His view is that the greatest issue for individuals and businesses when is a lack of understanding of tax law and code. Frank endeavors to impart an understanding an appreciation of proper tax management as the key to personal and business stability.

High Tech

There are few writers whose experience with technology rivals Frank's. He has began writing simple programs back in the early 1980s on an Amiga computer and has been working with Microsoft products since the beginning. His long term perspective allows him to discern flash in the pan trends from ideas with staying power. His ability to illuminate the darkest recesses of technology with understandable language is second to none. He has written for both consumer and technical publications.


When it comes to food Frank is not only a writer and consumer but a creative force. He is a gourmet cook and recipe writer who has written extensively about all facets of food. From restaurant reviews to recipes and DIY instruction for scratch made everything Frank knows food. His ability to bridge the gap between consumerism and the kitchen and from farm to table, is exemplified in his countless articles and posts on all things food.

Projects by SEO Skill
SEO Keyword Requirements

Frank has written innumerable words that have incorporated his unequaled knowledge of SEO principles and best practices. He has created content, articles and blog posts that are both keyword rich and thoroughly readable. He has used his skills for benefit of clients ranging from the global giant Walmart to local merchants.

Projects by Asset Type

As an article writer Frank enjoys bringing a conversational voice to his work. He believes it's best to talk to people rather than talk at them. However, he also understands that not all audiences are the same and so his first question when presented with an assignment is who is the intended audience.

Blog Post

As a blogger Frank has written extensively both as himself and as a ghostwriter for site owners who wish to not only drive traffic but build a unique voice and identity. His blog content portfolio is as deep as it is wide contains posts as diverse as using reclaimed cooking oil to power reconditioned school buses to accounting strategies for mid-sized businesses.

Product Description

Frank has written product descriptions for products as disparate as women's wigs and power tools and prosthetics and swimming pools. His work has appeared on websites from Walmart to medical supply companies.

Projects by Writing Style

Frank is an adherent of the belief that to write authoritatively you must first have a thorough understanding of your subject. When tasked with writing an authoritative piece Frank's process begins with thoroughly researching the subject in order to gain an in depth understanding so that he can effectively convey that to his readers.


Conversational writing is the cornerstone of Frank's repertoire. He believes that talking to readers is always preferable to talking at them. When writing in a conversational voice Frank aims for a level appropriate to his audience because he recognizes that a conversation with a high school student is far different than a conversation with a CEO.


Frank's sense of humor ranges from dry to sophomoric and is dispensed according to whom he is addressing. The first question that Frank asks when writing humor is what is the purpose of the humor, to aid in understanding or to simply amuse. Frank believes that humor can go a long way to disarming reader's defenses, making them more accessible to information.


Frank's first love is objective journalism where imparting facts in an unbiased readable format is essential to success. He has written on a variety of topics such as government corruption to politics.


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