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Native Language English (US)
Last Login 4/4/2016
Location Oak Ridge, United States
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
Rachel has received her Master's Degree in Asian Studies from one of the top universities in Taiwan, National Chengchi University and is currently a full time Chinese-English translator and researcher. As a U.S. Air Force veteran with four years of professional experience in translation and two years freelance experience in Taiwan, Rachel has extensive knowledge in the government, military, humanities, and marketing translation fields.
Rachel's passions are language learning, reading, and dancing. She enjoys reading news and science fiction in both Chinese and English and volunteers her translating services to non-governmental organizations within Taiwan.
National Chengchi University Sep 2014 – Feb 2016
Master of the Arts
Hawaii Pacific University Mar 2011 – May 2014
Bachelor of the Arts
Community College of the Air Force Mar 2010 – Mar 2013
Associate of the Applied Sciences
National Defense Language Institute Aug 2008 – Dec 2009
Associate of the Arts (Chinese)
Projects by Language
Chinese (Simplified) -> English (US)

Chinese (Traditional) -> English (US)

Rachel has been translating from Chinese Mandarin to English for almost seven year. She completed a range of products during her time in the U.S. Air Force, and became a freelance translator while getting her Master's Degree in Taiwan. She has worked in politics, legal, humanities, journalism, and media fields.

Projects by Industry

With six years in the U.S. Air Force, Rachel was constantly translating confidential material of high workloads with tight deadlines. This information compiled over 100 government reports and during this time she perfected skills for translating both short form and long form. No sample of this can be provided, so a paragraph regarding the military has been chosen for a sample translation.


In Taiwan, Rachel completed her Master's Thesis classes and research by using Chinese Mandarin during her data compilation process. Although the degree and final products were in English (Thesis=74 pages), all of the surveying, interviewing, and source collection was completed in Chinese. This allows her a high level of understanding for Chinese humanities.


Rachel participated in a national t.v. program in Taiwan where foreigners debated hot topics in Chinese with local celebrities. She researched each show topic and was able to spontaneously argue points on each 45 minute episode.

Projects by Category

Rachel has translated twelve news articles for both non-governmental organizations in Taiwan and a local news source: Focus Taiwan. She has personally collected data, conducted interviews (in Chinese), compiled then translated a wide range of top news stories for the foreign audience in Taipei, Taiwan.


During her two years in Taiwan, Rachel worked with three major media companies as a translator and t.v. personality. She conducted voice overs, recorded TESL videos, and translated several marketing topics.

Projects By Specialty

With both professional military and overseas (local Taiwanese) experience, Rachel has distinguished herself as a versatile and knowledgeable translator. She has worked on top government projects that provided crucial strategic intelligence for U.S. leaders, and she has also worked on improving herself through higher education using both Chinese and English. In Taiwan, she used her translation skills for advertising, research, and to help non-governmental organizations spread the word on immigration and labor issues. She is passionate about translation and connecting people globally.


During her research period for the Master's Thesis, Rachel not only transcreated interviews and sources into English to better supplement her writing, she also worked as an intern for a popular news company: Focus Taiwan. She analyzed top Taiwanese stories and re-wrote them, supplementing more information for the foreign audiences in Taiwan.


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