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Joseph G

Editor #315

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Completed Orders 249
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Repeat Clients 27%
Last Login 10/19/2016
Location brooklyn ny, NY
Education Doctorate
Status Available
Summary of Experience
Joseph G is a physician with multiple publications to his name including scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, medical book chapters and other articles. He is also a reviewer for medical journals and an expert source for digital and print media relating to medicine, healthcare and the medical industry.
Dr. Joseph G specializes in medical, healthcare, health industry, technology, biology and related topics. If you are a medical or scientific author looking for someone to review your work prior to publication or grant submission, you've found the right person.

Dr. G will also accept most other topics as he has great expertise in helping to clarify areas that may be confusing to a novice in that field from an "outsider" perspective. His approach to doing this when serving as a peer-reviewer for medical journals was always well-received and helps many authors during the publication process.

His turnaround time is typically rapid as his daily practice involves quick generation of reports for referring physicians which requires rapid creation and editing for brevity, clarity and completeness in order to help best take care of patients.

He brings these areas of expertise to all proofing jobs.

Please note that review of patient medical documentation/testing, medicolegal reviews or medical second opinions are not part of the scope of this website.
medicine, science, technology, exercise, health, history, biology, DIY, pharmaceuticals, oncology, cardiology, vascular, marketing, pharmacology, SEO, writing
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