Meet Our Business

All hail the king! Content has become that king, and we've been at the forefront of the content marketing revolution since 2000, when the web was still in diapers. Our mission is to keep the revolution advancing with our free, cloud-based platform and liberated workforce of writers, editors, translators and content strategists, that perform flawlessly every day. We feel customer experience ranks just as highly as the king, which is why we've zoomed from zero to 20,000+ customers without VC funding for growth, something almost unheard of in the industry.

Zero Customers to 20,000 in Just Five Years
Our cloud-based platform comes armed with next-gen features and tools, letting you rapidly find writers, place orders and manage workflow.
Success Specialists are ready and at your service when you need them. You're free to fly solo with self-service, or enjoy a full-service luxury ride.
Content can flop without great writers. We keep the best hanging around with unmatched rates and full transparency to keep the positive vibe alive.

Our Story

Our content marketing roots stretch back to 2000, when Byron White founded ideaLaunch to explore the orbit of content marketing.
LifeTips emerged in 2001, eventually amassing 120,000 tips, 50 printed books and 300+ podcasts aimed at making life better.
Content 6
LifeTips sponsors were so giddy about our tips we launched Content 6 in 2005, a groundbreaking content marketing agency serving 100+ clients including WalMart, SalesForce, and Iron Mountain.
To stand out from the pack of agencies, we launch WordVision in 2007, a next-gen content marketing software helping customers measure ROI and justify more investment in content marketing.
Scaling up Content 6 was challenging, so we bundled all our experience with publishing, agency service and software development and launched WriterAccess in 2010, quickly growing from 100 to 20,000 customers.
Content Marketing Conference
To help WriterAccess customers, writers and fans learn stay on top of the latest methodology and technology, we launched Content Marketing Conference in 2015, now a leading content marketing conference.
While all the businesses we launched were successful and profitable, the biggest star by far is WriterAccess. We attract the best writers, design the best customer experience and develop technology that wins awards year after year. We're now all-in with WriterAccess, continuously evolving and ALWAYS appreciative of customers that give us a whirl!

A Peek at our Culture

Employees are immersed in our strategic plan and core values from the get-go. Each employee has individual and department goals, with quarterly and yearly bonuses for all.
We love coming to work every day. Maybe it's our shared mission of advancing customer experience and content marketing. Or the positive growth vibe that never stops.
Career advancement is a requirement. No kidding! Every Friday we meet for a free catered lunch coupled with content marketing education in our cozy and smart new offices.