Our Story. What's Yours?
We're a Boston-based company that follows an idea-led, process-centered, customer-focused business model, with a pretty interesting story of how we zoomed from one to 100 to 15,000 customers in 15 years.
Byron White
Every great company has at least a few great leaders. Byron White is a serial entprepreneur, published author, popular speaker, content marketing revolutionary and great storyteller with lots and lots of fun stories to tell.
Freelance Access
Representing graphic designers with resumes made no sense. So Byron launched Freelance Access, a graphic artists placement agency featuring the Portfolio Access System, a way to show the work and not just the words. The company grew like crazy, and was later aquired by Aquent.
With the Wild Wild Web booming by 2000, Byron joined forces with code maven Aaron Robinson to start ideaLaunch—a company with a mission to transform ideas into successful businesses.
LifeTips was the first launch—a portal offering 120,000 tips, 50 books in print and 350 podcasts enjoyed by millions of readers, listeners and fans. Freelance writers created all of the great content necessary for this digital publishing model.
Content 6
The online publishing space got crowded, fast. So Byron and team shifted gears and started Content 6, a content marketing agency that quickly attracted 100+ customers including Wal-Mart, SalesForce, Iron Mountain and more.
To distinguish Content 6 from the competition, Byron and Aaron developed WordVision, a first-of-a-kind software that tracked the impact of content published with correlation to improved traffic and listings in the search engines.
Scaling the Agency was challenging. So WriterAccess was launched as an experiment, and it attracted customers in droves. Agency customers were rolled into the platform, and the base grew from 100 to 14,000 in five years.
Content Marketing Conference
Software as a Service can be cold and less friendly. So Content Marketing Conference was launched to gather customers, writers and content marketers in one place annually, to share knowledge, tune-up tactics and learn what's next. Byron is the Conference Chairman.
WriterAccess is by far the best product and service we've developed over the years. Most of the writing platforms like us have raised funding from venture capital. Not WriterAccess. We wanted to learn how to grow the business organically, the content marketing way. We learned how to attract the best writers, provide fanatical support and develop killer technology, all on our own. Thanks for reading our story. And most important, thanks for your business. We look forward to your feedback and ideas for betterment.