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Workshop Webinar: Content Distribution

Let’s face it. For content marketing success, you need to get the right content to the right people at the right time. But with readers orbiting at high speeds these days, the art and science of managing the content distribution channels are more complex and more challenging than ever. Attend our fourth Workshop Webinar available at WriterAccess Academy led by Byron White and world-class trainers that will share the secrets for Content Distribution success with both organic and paid channels.

Learn content distribution essentials from the best trainers on the planet:

•AJ Wilcox 
 Founder, B2Linked
 The Latest on LinkedIn Ads and New Silver Bullets for the B2B Marketers

•Liz Willits
 CEO, Liz Willits
 How to Write Email Content Your Subscribers Can’t Wait to Read

•Dennis Yu
 CTO, ChiroRevenue
 What’s new with Facebook Ads and Scaling Your Business Wisely with Friends and Fans

•Amanda Milligan
 Marketing Director, Fractl
 Digital PR: How to Pitch Your Content To Publishers and Earn Media Coverage

•Judi Fox
 Founder, Judi Fox
 5 Ways to Leverage New Features in LinkedIn like Stories, Polls, and Profile Features