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Workshop Webinar: Content Creation

Sure. You’re creating the steady stream of digital content required for content marketing success these days, despite the pandemic. But the difference between GREAT and GOOD is now a continental divide, separating tons of traffic from fields of crickets. Attend this deep-dive workshop designed for content creators and content marketers, covering digital content creation from A to Z. Join host Byron White and marketing legends Andy Crestodina and Joanna Wiebe—two of the best speakers/trainers on the marketing planet.

This 3-hour content creation workshop covers it all:

•Elements of Great Content: Snap, Crackle, and Pop
•How Writing for the Web is Different
•What Gets Clicks and What Sticks
•Finding Topics for YOUR Audience
•How to Create Conversive Content that Drives Action
•Critical “Money Words” for Email Campaigns, Ads, and Pages
•Persuasion Methodology and Vocabulary for Success