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Thriving in the Content Marketing Jungle: Lessons from Leading Practitioners

When it comes to content marketing, selecting the best tools and deploying the latest tactics is tricky stuff.

Join host Lauren Cowher, Customer Success Manager at WriterAccess, and guest Michael Gerard, CMO of Curata, for our 61st monthly webinar. Michael will take you through a summary of Curata’s 4th survey of 600 marketing organizations, and offer insights on how you can differentiate your own content marketing strategy to win the war of words on the web.

In this webinar, you’ll learn…..

• How leading content marketing teams are staffing up and managing workflow

• Shifts in the content marketing asset portfolio and why things are changing

• How to bridge the gap of content curation and creation to WOW customers

• The latest content marketing tools to work smarter, better, faster and wiser