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How to Stand Out by Writing Without Bullshit

Lets face it: Your published content now competes with Facebook, email, and a deluge of rambling, unedited content that clogs the spokes of life. That’s where Josh Bernoff comes in.

A 20-year veteran of Forrester Research, Josh is the best-selling business co-author of Groundswell. His wildly popular blog aims to cut your writing clutter and bullshit with techniques he’s perfected over the years curing smart people of bad habits so they can create powerful idea-driven connections with readers and fans.

Watch this free webinar with Josh Bernoff and learn:

  • How to write boldly when you are afraid
  • Techniques to purge the jargon, passive voice, and weasel words
  • How to trim down the overwriting that drive readers away
  • The 4 questions you must ask yourself before writing anything
  • How to collaborate without compromise