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Special Talent Webinar August 2019: What to Expect with the New Platform

Watch this webinar to learn about what’s new and what’s next for WriterAccess, and our valued talent.  We’ll review the new experience we’ve designed in the Talent Portal, and the software upgrades and new features. Post your questions throughout the presentations, and for answers and review of your feedback.  We’ll be polling you throughout the presentation to get your feedback and pinpoint any concerns.

Here’s a quick summary of the update:

  • New Admin for All Talent Rolling Out September 8th, 2019
  • Take a Look at the New User Experience
  • New Features and Benefits
  • New Performance Metrics for Success
  • How AI can Help You Land Gigs 
  • New Rewards and Benefits
  • Recap of our Business Model and Future Plans

And thanks for your continued interest in helping our customers grow their business organically– the content marketing way!