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Recession Marketing Roadmap: The New GPS to Thrive

Let’s face it. The financial markets are taking a beating with the pandemic, and a global recession is imminent. Our GPS for marketing is officially broken, and we’re struggling to find the way. The good news is that recession marketing is not new, and the shortcuts for success are within our reach. Watch this session to learn the best-practice tactics for your business, teams, and clients to get in the front of the recovery line. And learn the do’s and don’ts that you need to be discussing and pondering that are critical to establish your base camp, so you can accelerate growth when the time is right.

Watch this session to learn…

— Communication tips for employees, customers and fans

— Best practice "pandemic" marketing tips and tactics 

— What NOT to do now, and why that might cause damage

— What TO DO as soon as possible, if you’re not doing it already