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Press Release Power

Since our last webinar in 2010 on Press Release Magic, a lot has changed with PR technology, methodology, strategy and cost for distribution services. The pressure to get the words out and traffic in to your website continues to mount. Publishing press releases continues to be a leading channel for content distribution.

Join host Byron White and guest Tom Blakeley for an update on press release optimization, distribution and performance measurement. Tom is a serial entrepreneur and founder of GetSEOBot, TheFunding Platform and a new PR distribution platform. Learn how to put the power of Vocus (PR WEB) to work for your business so you can grow organically — the content marketing way!

In this Webinar, you’ll learn how to…

  • How to embed your site in a press release
  • How to optimize video in a release
  • Publishing frequency recommendations
  • Optimization secrets and new methods
  • New press release API features at WriterAccess