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LinkedIn Ads – The Most Up to Date Hacks for Paid Promotion

The King of B2B community will likely continue to crank up the costs for marketers to reach their freakishly targeted audience. 

But fear not: AJ Wilcox to the rescue, with the latest and greatest LinkedIn updates, hacks, and tactics to keep us out of the high-cost advertising jail. He’ll show us how to generate the highest quality leads and get massive conversions with any-size budget—all learned from managing some of the largest LinkedIn Ad budgets in the world.

AJ received RAVE reviews a few years ago at CMC, so we’re bringing him back to supercharge our LinkedIn return on investment. 

In this webinar, you’ll learn all of this that you can put to work pronto: 

  • What’s new and what’s next with LinkedIn Ads 
  • Tips to ace your strategy before you pay to play 
  • Hacks to save money and pinpoint qualified leads 
  • When to opt out of Ad campaigns that don’t convert