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Freelance Writing: Are You Building a Business or a Gig

There are two kinds of writers out there – those who live gig-to-gig with uncertain futures, and those who build successful careers with a stable of awesome clients.

If the latter is your goal you’ll want to watch this extraordinary webinar for writers, authors, and freelancers. Learn from special guest Ramon Ray, publisher of SmartHustle Magazine, best selling author, event producer, and freelance writer. Ramon will share secrets gleaned from years of experience hiring, firing, and working with freelance writers.

Watch the webinar (1 hour) and learn how to:

  • Go beyond “gigs” and build a thriving freelance career
  • Be the great writer clients love to call
  • Secure a Rolodex of sources and a funnel of repeat business

This is the first in our new monthly Writer Webinar series featuring top authors, publishers, thinkers, and doers in the content marketing industry. Each month an expert guest will share their tips, tricks, and techniques to take your writing career to the next level. Come back in October for more!