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The Latest Facebook Hacks Strategies & Tactics

Stop fretting over the Facebook news feed algorithm update. And start learning the latest hacks, strategies and tactics to create and scale Facebook Ads that will deliver 10 to 100x more bang for your buck.  It’s all about the secret sauce that delivers results day after day. Learn it all from guest Kevin Brkal, one of the leading Facebook pros that’ll share secrets on how he helped one client generate an ROI of 3,464% with Facebook Ads that can be duplicated with just about any other business.


Learn all this, and a lot more:

  • How to setup and use the Facebook Pixel—The Key for Success
  • Tap Facebook’s data and use to your advantage
  • B2B & B2C strategies that generate engagement & sales
  • How to find your perfect audience
  • Keys to writing compelling ad copy

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