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Enough AI Theory: Here’s How AI Can Craft Content Strategy and Help You Find Writers, Pronto!

Let’s face it. AI is coming at us about a million miles an hour. But putting AI to work for your YOUR business might seem fuzzy and complicated, to say the least.  Watch this Webinar to learn how AI can power content strategy with ease, and make finding the perfect writer for your next project a breeze. See how two businesses are pulling intelligence from the academic world to deliver strategic and tactical B2B solutions that will save you time and deliver the results(and revenue) you demand using customer data and text analysis powered by AI.

In this session, you’ll learn all this and more:

  • The types of customer data you need to harvest
  • How to use that data to craft content strategy
  • How to use AI to find writers that match your tone and style
  • How you boost your conversions and revenue, pronto

Byron White, founder and CEO of WriterAccess and Content Marketing Conference, will share how the new AI Matcher at WriterAccess helps customers find writers with the tone, style, and expertise required for content marketing success. And Marty Muse, CEO of Vennli, will show you how to remove the guesswork with an easy way to plan smart content strategies using customer data and artificial intelligence.