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Conversational Marketing: How to Create Warm and Friendly Scripts for Chatbots That Drive Leads


Let’s face it. Email and social channels are packed with waaaay to much bad content, with too much competition. But chatbots are the new kids on the marketing block, sporting 80% engagement rates from billions of daily users when you combine Facebook Messenger with chatbots like Drift and more.

That’s where Larry Kim comes in, one of the visionaries that understands what’s next with Facebook Messenger marketing, this time powered by AI.

He’s making his third appearance on our WriterAccess Webinar Series, this time focused on the art and science of crafting personalized scripts with roots in data analytics, but the voice of a trusted shepherd that understands what you want and when you need it, on-the-fly. Kim is so invested in this technology he created the free chatbot builder MobileMonkey.

Attend this webinar to learn how to build a chatbot that connects with new contacts and customers in magical ways, driving new leads and sales in droves. Master this art and you’ll capture 8X engagement and 20X click-through rate, for starters.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Write highly personalized scripts for bots

  • Employ tactics that increase engagement and clicks in messaging

  • Segment your audience by interest and behavior to personalize messaging

  • Send mass messages to Messenger contacts

  • Answer customer questions with no wait times 24/7

  • See business-boosting dividends with 80% open rate in the first hour