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Advanced Keyword Research Technology and Methodology

Keyword Research is the heart of all PPC and organic content marketing strategy and the lifeline for success in the search engines. But determining whether you are maximizing the ROI of your keyword research, both organically and for PPC, can been difficult.

Tune into this month’s webinar for a review of some advanced technology and fresh methodology that shortens the roadmap to keyword success. WordStream founder and CTO Larry Kim, along with their VP of Product, Will Eisner and ideaLaunch founder Byron White team up to show you shortcuts to win the war of words on the web.

They’ll dig deep into the art and science of keyword silo development along with the best tools to use that help SEO and PPC Specialists, writers, copywriters and marketing professionals to get on the same page.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Keyword Research Methodology to increase your reach and decrease PPC spend
  • New Tools and Technologies that track the ROI and impact of your content and PPC
  • Keyword Silo How-To and Why-To
  • Performance Measurement Tips