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7 Secrets for Getting the Media to Fall in Love with You and Your Wisdom

You’ve worked hard to create compelling, creative content that makes life smarter, better, and more fun. But your email database and social channels are limited in scope, falling short on the reach you need to influencers and media professionals. So how the heck can you snag their attention to amplify your content and achieve marketing goals?

Katelyn Holbrook has the answers. She’s made a career of helping clients get their content placed in outlets ranging from The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch to dozens of trade and vertical publications. During this webinar, Katelyn will share the best-kept secrets for amplifying content successfully. Again and again.

View this webinar if you want to learn how to …

  • Forge partnerships with the media the right way
  • Learn what editors are looking for in magical ways
  • Pitch your concept without the sales pitch
  • Reward editors with the gift of knowledge— the secret weapon