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Sara is originally from Italy with Moroccan and French heritage. After traveling for long time for her passion for culture and travel, living in different countries such as France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Morocco and the Philippines, she decided to focus her career on building her own vision of working life that allows her to combine her different skills and talents.

She has been working in different fields and in different countries, improving her knowledge of languages ​at linguistic and cultural level. These experiences allowed her to improve in flexibility when performing different tasks in different fields.


Industry Projects

  • Green Living10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Living

Sara has been traveling and at the same time volunteering giving service to earth recollecting trash from beaches, rice fields and reefs. After living such adventure, she changed her lifestyle and started to be more keen on spread the voice to create awareness about this topic.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Sara has been traveling as backpacker for 2 years and writing travel blogs for different websites, providing interesting things to do around the world and curiosities about the countries she visited. She use to write in English, Spanish and Italian very fluently, providing a transcreation in order to give the real essence of each language