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biology graduate from ain Shams university, cairo on 1984. worked as science teacher then shifted two years later to administrative work and later on to french arabic interpreting and translation and finally as a freelance translator into/from arabic, english and french



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Arabic500+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Arabic

long standing expeience in english arabic translation in various fields with a special focus on technical and academic subjects. worked in several project as interpreter and translator. good capability in localization of websites and software

Industry Projects

  • Career10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Among other fields he came to translate several employment related materials like corporate profiles, employment advantages, employment contract, resumes ... etc into/ from english, french and arabic languages. Furthermore, he used to write the content of corporate profiles and CV for applicants.

Product Projects

  • Advertisement10+

Summary of Product Experience


Translated several projects in advertisment in various domains some for internal corporate purposes and some for the product publicity into/from english and arabic. He also translated product labels and publicity materials from german into arabic

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