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Solomon can translate from Spanish>English and French> English Languages.
His fluency in Spanish and French coupled with his friendly and professional conversational skills helps him to interact with all classes of clientele. He is also exceptional at meeting customer needs even when they aren’t sure what they want.
He is confident and reliable in his language skills and works well with the public. Because he possesses the unique ability to predict a customer’s needs and believes that he would be a great asset to meeting your needs. With his years of translation experience and proven academic abilities, you sure with the right person for the Task.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (South America) to English (US)1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (South America) to English (US)

Solomon has been translating for over 2 years and has in the course engage in the following;

Provide oral and written interpretation services.
Discuss interpretation requirements with clients to ensure error-free documents
Ensure that both content and style of statements in communicated effectively
Listen carefully to conversations and provide verbatim interpretation

Industry Projects

  • Politics1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


Solomon has 2 years of experience translating from spanish>English in politics and has served many clients as well as translating for blogs and articles writers. He uses his spare time to improve and develop his translating skills

Product Projects

  • Book3

Summary of Product Experience


Solomon is highly experienced in translating fiction books and other general text from Spanish>English for clients based in the US and Mexico. He has 2 years' experience and has satisfactorily rendered his services to numerous clients.

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