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After receiving her MA in Translation Studies from the University of Birmingham in 2017, Shanae has dedicated her time to being a freelance Spanish-English and French-English translator and an ESL teacher. She simply loves working with languages


Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Food100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Shanae loves to know how to stay healthy. In fact, she's translated hundreds of health articles and blog posts from Spanish to English, which focused on topics like weight loss, stress, mental health, amongst others.


Shanae loves to eat healthily. This is why she enjoyed translating over 400 recipes from Spanish to English for the app Inshake, which helps users to make delicious, healthy smoothies and shakes.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Facebook Post50+
  • Brochure10+

Summary of Product Experience


Shanae has translated more than 400 articles on various topics such as art, identity, politics, music, food, healthy, exercise and beauty. She began translating articles in her translation classes at university. After this, she translated articles for bilingual magazine the Prisma, as well as health and beauty articles for the site Mejor Con Salud.

Facebook Post

Shanae has experience with translating over 50 Facebook posts from French to English as a Gengo translator. These posts were about various topics such as travel, the lottery, university, family and more.


During her time as an intern at Europroyectos Leonardi Da Vinci, Shanae translated travel brochures from Spanish to English which detailed places to visit in Granada. Many of the tourist locations were the Albayzin area of the city.