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Michelle's experience in translation stems from living and working in Ecuador for nearly 10 years. She met her Ecuadorian husband when she traveled there initially as a volunteer nurse. Translation work started when friends in town needed help adding English to menus and websites for their businesses. She truly enjoys playing with words along with the puzzle that translation often offers. It's less like work and more like fun for her!


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Although Michelle has little experience in written translation in this area, she worked as a voluntary nurse in Ecuador for 1 1/2 years and also worked as a nurse in an emergency room setting in a Phoenix-area hospital where she used her Spanish for communication with the many Spanish speaking only patients that frequented her work. She also has nearly 10 years of experience living and working in Ecuador, which has given her an understanding of both how the language is used and the culture surrounding it. She loves the puzzle translation presents and will accurately translate your written word, keeping the tone and meaning intact. The following sample translation uses text from a WebMD article, Los Cambios en el Estilo de Vida Reducen los Triglicéridos by Bill Hendrick on April 18, 2011.

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Product Description

Michelle's experience in this area is limited to hotel descriptions on booking engines like However, she is adept with translation and has the experience of living, working, and raising children with an Ecuadorian husband in South America for nearly 10 years. She knows the culture, the lingo, and is crazy about making sure her translations accurately reflect the tone and meaning of the content. She is capable of doing a fantastic job with any advertisement you need translated.