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Italian freelance translator since 2007, she graduated in 2007 and began translating straight away, as that was her childhood dream.
She also worked as secretary for a pharmaceutical multinational and an Italian language school, thus acquiring excellent organization and problem solving skills.


Industry Projects

  • Sports20+
  • Spirituality100+
  • Travel100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Her main specialization fields are sports (tennis in particular), marketing, religion and tourism. Having played a sport for a long time, she has a deep knowledge of it, and is able to transfer the meaning perfectly into her native language.


She has been collaborating with a religious website, taking care of the translations of the articles in the website blog. She gained a deep knowledge of the subject having translated more than 100 articles on the subject over the last year.


She has been working as asecretary and in-house translator for a school located in the center of Florence, which is probably one of the most visited cities all around the world, so tourists are there every time of the year. Dealt with English, German and Spanish texts. This is probably her favorite field of translation.

Product Projects

  • Other20+
  • Advertisement50+

Summary of Product Experience


She has been collaborating with a sport website for about a year, taking care of the tennis section, since she played tennis for more than 20 years and knows the subject very well.


She has been translating for translation agencies especially in the field of marketing, advertising and press releases. Translated texts included, but are not limited to, art expositions, clothes producers, medical devices and many more.