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After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages in 2018, Mariana dedicated herself to Spanish transcription and Spanish translation from English, working fulltime for well-known companies like Rev, TranscribeMe! And more. She’s always willing to go the extra mile so your transcription or translation turns out perfect.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Spanish (South America)50+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Spanish (South America)

Mariana has been translating from English to Spanish and vice-versa for more than 1 year. Despite her mother tongue is Spanish, she studied the language at university to master its grammar. She also studied English and currently lives in the UK so she has a perfect understanding of English grammar, slang, culture, etc. She is willing to do any kind of translations and always tries her best to meet your needs.

Industry Projects

  • Hardware50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mariana has worked with PC news websites and loves it, she thinks the PC world is really interesting and worth to know. She will take care that everything turns out great and she will do her research.

Product Projects

  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience


Mariana has translated over 50 articles, primarily from gaming, anime, and pc related websites. She also has experience with topics like beauty and movies. She can adapt to any topic and do her research.

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