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Having received his High School Diploma from the Russian Embassy School in Washington D.C., Ivan is currently studying English and Business at NVCC. Due to his prolonged exposure to both Russian and English culture, Ivan possesses a deeper understanding of localized idioms and speech patterns, not to mention native fluency in both languages.


Industry Projects

  • Gaming20+
  • Electronics20+
  • Software20+
  • Health10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Ivan has been an avid gamer for many years and has extensive knowledge of the subject. He has translated and interpreted many gaming-related articles over the course of his career as a translator, yet he continues to learn more and more about games with every new translation.


Ivan is fascinated with electronics. Computers, phones, even his coffee maker - all are enticing to him. Having written and translated countless articles on demand, Ivan thoroughly enjoys writing about electronics.


In his spare time, Ivan enjoys improving his programming skills, which gives him a greater insight into the world of various software that is currently available on the market. Ivan has been translating software-related blog posts and articles for almost two years now.


Health is a critical topic for the modern consumer. Translating articles and research paperers related to health sciences is something that Ivan is comfortable with. Particularly interested in Psychology, he feels that he learns something new with each order.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Product Description20+
  • Article50+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Blogs are the second most common product type that Ivan has to translate. With the continuously growing popularity of blogging platforms like Tumblr and WordPress, more and more blog posts are in need of translation to reach a bigger, international audience. Ivan has either directly translated or took part in translating many posts on completely various topics including fashion, electronics, assembling computers and dieting.

Product Description

Product descriptions are a necessity when searching for high-quality products for your house or office. With international market platforms like Amazon or Alibaba catering to a truly worldwide audience, the need for translators is steadily increasing. This is where people like Ivan become very useful. With experience in marketing products, Ivan can adjust his translations in accordance with your requirements. Topics likes electronics, health products and technology are what Ivan is most experienced with, having translated many product descriptions in the past for popular reviewer blogs.


This is arguably the most common product type that Ivan has to translate. He has written and translated dozens of articles on various topics including technology, psychology, health sciences and practical electronics.