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Cristabelle got her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Mass Communication, with a specialization in Audiovisual Arts, in 2014, from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas, Venezuela). She's originally from Venezuela, but lived in the United States for some of her childhood and, thus, speaks English fluently. She has been establishing herself as a freelance writer in both Spanish and English, developing content for multiple online magazines and websites. She believes that it takes the right kind of translation to bridge the gap between cultures, and the wrong kind of translation to accentuate it.



Industry Projects

  • Entertainment8
  • Spirituality8
  • Women8

Summary of Industry Experience


Cristabelle studied Audiovisual Arts and is passionate about filmmaking. She writes articles where she analyzes movies and books, and connects their themes with different ideas and concepts, and she also translates them.


Cristabelle likes exploring themes that are universal to mankind when she writes about movies and books. All of the articles she writes and translates are focused on connecting spiritual concepts and ideas to tangible sources, such as visual and written media.


Cristabelle considers herself a feminist, but she is always writing both for men and women. Nevertheless, the themes that she likes discussing are more often than not touching upon issues that the female gender can relate to the most.

Product Projects

  • Article8

Summary of Product Experience


Cristabelle has translated all of her articles for ViceVersa Magazine, where she publishes her work in both English and Spanish. She is one of the few writers at ViceVersa that creates content in both languages.