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After receiving her Master's Degree in Communication and Languages from University Tuiuti do Paraná and her diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language from University of Salamanca, Maria has been worked as a freelance translator Spanish<>Portuguese. She is a Sworn Translator and Conference Interpreter and worked for companies like Tecnoelite Holding, Telles-Fonseca-Staut-Agustinho Sociedade de Advogados, Geplan Planejamento de Obras, Master Comunicação e Editora Positivo. She is certified by Brazilian Translators Association - ABRATES.


Industry Projects

  • Legal50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Maria is a Sworn Translator and has translated more than 60 reports and business documents, including public bids, balance sheets and social contracts company.She has ten years of experience with legal, enginnering and financial terminology. She worked for companies like Dalcon Engenharia, Fósforos Paraná, Andrade Ribeiro Construtora, Octo Indústria e Serviços, QBP Miotto e Quadra Engenharia.

Product Projects

  • Grant100+

Summary of Product Experience


Maria has translated more than 100 reports and business documents, including letters of attorneys, legalizations,certificates, diplomas, agreements, syllabus, investiment positions, attestations and public bids for companies like Thiele e Martins Sociedade de Advogados,Telles-Fonseca-Staut-Agustinho Sociedade de Advogados, Master Comunicação, Tecnoelite Holding and Editora Positivo . She has 10 years of experience with legal and financial terminology, guaranteeing and accurate result.