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A US native English speaker with a Master's degree in Spanish Language and Culture and near-native Spanish proficiency, Holly is a professional freelance translator and post-translation editor. Her skill set is broad and derives from over fifteen years of professional experience in the not-for-profit, education, and social service arenas.

A former program director for one of NYC's largest anti-hunger organizations, Holly is accustomed to delivering time-sensitive material that is trustworthy and contains recognizable language. Throughout her career, Holly has produced reports, proposals, and an expansive array of compelling content with integrity and exceptional attention to detail. She is a true linguist, demonstrating great respect for the weight any one word carries and the need to accurately convey appropriate industry terminology, while also capturing the subtle nuances contained in every word choice and positioning within the sentences contained in any given source text.

Holly considers herself a creative and a broad thinker able to link complex concepts, interpret sophisticated messaging, and integrate the ethereal and the technical without sacrificing readability for the end user. Her translations capture the source author's voice, yet drill down to essentials, cutting away unnecessary verbiage and honoring simplicity in native English.

A thoughtful, genuinely hard-working professional, Holly is both efficient and thorough in her approach to translation projects. Feel confident that she will not commit to a project unless she is confident that she has the time and contextual expertise to deliver the highest quality product that fulfills her client's expectations.



Industry Projects

  • Business10+
  • Finance10+
  • Banking100+
  • Education2
  • Travel3
  • Fitness1
  • Marketing10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Holly is accustomed to handling a wide range of business documents, quite often containing highly sensitive and confidential material. She delivers reports, proposals, and agreements with proper business terminology, but doesn't compromise readability or flow when linking complex themes. Holly can be relied upon to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to any business content.


Holly specializes in the translation of finance-related documents. While her professional background is not in the financial sector, she has gained valuable experience translating well over 100 financial reports and other content for one of her regular customers, with most content originating from a major international banking institution. Holly will research terminology until she feels she has found the precise term in English and will clarify any inconsistencies or style preferences prior to finalizing the project.


Holly has executed a large number of audit reports and other related documents for a major global banking institution by contracting with a translation services firm in Florida. She is accustomed to industry terminology with regards to risk management and routine banking operations and enjoys the structured, concrete nature of these texts.


Holly has translated educational documents, including curricula, which typically contain specialized terminology and challenging conceptual designs. She will research terms unique to the country of origin and deliver texts with formatting that mirrors the source as closely as possible.


Holly is quite comfortable translating and localizing travel and tourism content that is engaging, familiar, and crisp. She will preserve place names and other descriptors per the client's instructions and style preferences, creating an end product that engages new and existing readers.


Holly has successfully translated a wide range of online content, including blogs, website content, and terms and conditions. She will preserve your online messaging, business vision, and branding with thoughtfulness and imagination. Holly provides ongoing support to a handful of trusted clients who require ongoing translation of online content.


Holly has ample experience translating Facebook posts and Tweets in both Castilian Spanish and LATAM Spanish, being at ease with social media tone and styling. She will retain wording that is essential to your company's vision and brand and deliver work with efficiency and authenticity.

Product Projects

  • Article8
  • Grant3
  • Blog Post6
  • Advertisement3
  • Script/Video2
  • Product Description5

Summary of Product Experience


Holly is proficient at translating diverse content while preserving the author's voice and keeping value propositions intact. She composes texts that employ industry-specific terminology while also using recognizable phrasing that flows and engages readers. If there is a source term or phrase that is unfamiliar, Holly will investigate and research the word(s) until she finds the best match in English that not only conveys the right meaning, but avoids unnecessary jargon or verbiage that can alienate readers.


Holly executes academic proposals and reports with fluidity and eloquence, linking sophisticated concepts in easy-to-read language. She approaches academic projects with respect and intelligence, communicating delicate material with precision and care.

Blog Post

A skilled writer and editor, Holly is proficient at translating online content, including websites, blogs, product descriptions, reviews, articles, and so on. She has a solid grasp of terminology pertaining to various industries and a knack for delivering crisp, relevant language that can support your business needs and convert your online content to appeal to US markets.


Catchy, targeted wording in US English that appeals to diverse market segments is what Holly can deliver for your Spanish language texts. Her translations will not only be precise, but also creatively crafted so your messaging is authentic and thoughtfully represents your company's values and branding strategy.


While seemingly simple, these creative rhyming scripts can be some of the trickiest translations because not only the meaning of the original video script must be accurate and match the accompanying images, but the rhyming and timing must fit perfectly into the song, if there is one- not to mention the wording, which must resonate naturally with the English-speaking audience. Holly can execute all of that and she has fun doing it, too!

Product Description

Holly loves opportunities to use rich, colorful wording that captures the essence of your handmade creations or unique product line. She is a highly visual person who is also skilled at integrating an emotional component into her translations, crafting imagery that resonates with readers and leaves lasting impressions that help to support your business goals.