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Ryuko worked for SUBARU (a Japanese automobile company) and AT&T Microelectronics. Not only she is good at regular translation, but she is also familiar to automobile, fiber optic and microchip fields.


Industry Projects

  • Auto1
  • Publishing1
  • Fitness1

Summary of Industry Experience


Ryuko translated a lot of manuals from Japanese to English while she worked for SUBARU (a Japanese automobile company). She is very familiar with technical terms and parts. She can do English to Japanese as well as Japanese to English.


Ryuko translated a book named "My Brother's Voice" by Stephen Nasser from English to Japanese. There are differences in those two languages how to put words for certain terms. Like a brother in English. In Japanese, you need to specify either the brother is older or younger. Ryuko is very good at using the right words, and makes the story come alive.


Ryuko hasn't translated any Fitness articles before. So, the number of Projects completed should be 0. But computer didn't take 0, so, I put 1. Exercise is one of her hobbies. She does Yoga, Pirate and Kick Boxing regularly. So, she knows terms. she can do from English to Japanese or vise versa.

Product Projects

  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience


Ryuko completed translation of "My Brother's Voice" by Stephen Nasser. She used to translate some manuals while she worked for SUBARU. While she worked for AT&T Microelectronics, she helped American engineers to communicate with their Japanese customers in written documents.