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After receiving her Degree in Translation studies, Jenny worked as a contract and freelance translator and has cooperated with a number of public bodies (Region of Ionian Islands, Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Greek Ministry of Justice, Prefecture of Corfu, Regional Development Fund of Ionian Islands, European Commission-Representation in Greece), as well as private enterprises (translation agencies, attorneys, companies, NGO's). She has also taught translation at the Higher Technological Institute of Epirus (Igoumenitsa, Greece)and English for special purposes at the Vocational Training Institute (Corfu, Greece). Her fields of expertise include among others finance/marketing, law, IT/telecommunications, energy/environment, culture/tourism, mechanics/engineering.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Greek100+
  • Greek to English (UK)100+
  • Dutch to Greek100+

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Greek

Jenny has been translating from English into Greek for over 16 years now. She has translated numerous projects ranging from leaflets, user manuals, website content, textbooks, essays, EU projects in the fields of finance/marketing, law, IT/telecommunications, tourism/culture/history, agriculture, environment/energy, engineering/technology.

Greek to English (UK)

Jenny is bilingual and has translated numerous texts from EL to EN in the fields of Science, Technology, Law, Finance, IT and has cooperated with the public and private sector.

Dutch to Greek

Jenny has been translating Dutch into Greek for 16 years now, mainly finance, law, certificates, gaming industry. She has cooperated with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Consulate in Corfu, enterprises, translation Agencies.

Industry Projects

  • Banking100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jenny has specialised in financial translation during her studies and has an extensive experience in finance, banking and marketing and has translated numerous projects in the form of web content, corporate mail, brochures, presentations, meeting minutes.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Jenny has translated more than 150 web pages with different themes (start-ups, eu-funded projects, banks, enterprises, etc), brochures, leaflets, newsletters, press-releases, proposals for eu-funded projects, presentations, e-mails on various fields, like finance/marketing, culture/tourism, energy/environment, EU projects and can guarantee a natural and polished result.

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