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After graduating in 2002 from Minsk State Linguistic University with bachelor degree in modern foreign languages worked full time as translator at trade and building companies. Since 2008 works as a freelance translator and interpreter with such language pairs as Turkish-Russian and English-Russian for such companies as ‘JTI’ Japan Tobacco Incorporation, ‘The Voice of Russia’ international radio broadcasting service, Ministry of Culture and truism of Turkey, project Turkish Stream, International festival 'Türkçevisizyon', ‘B2B’ e-commerce System.



Language Projects

  • Turkish to Russian1,000+
  • English (UK) to Russian100+

Summary of Language Experience

Turkish to Russian

Living in Turkish environment for more than 15 years, and 9 of them in Turkey, Tatyana has a perfect grasp of oral and written Turkish language. Working with great pleasure as Turkish-Russian translator and interpreter she has earned very rich experience in different fields.

English (UK) to Russian

Tatyana started working as a English-Russian translator and interpreter when she was a student at Minsk State Linguistic University, as most students of language universities do. After 16 years she continues working in this language pair and enjoys her job mostly. She thinks it is a wonderful profession as every day you have a chance to learn something new. Tatyana's motto is 'Translation with pleasure!'

Industry Projects

  • Other1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


During more than 15 years Tatyana has gained wide experience in different fields of translation and interpreting, such as construction, consumer goods, agriculture, beauty, entertainment, hobby, food, cariertabacco industry, general machinery, advertisement, manufacturing, marketing, media etc.

Product Projects

  • Catalog100+

Summary of Product Experience


In language pair Turkish-Russian catalog translation is a very demanded type of job, as many of Turkish companies are quitе active at Russian market nowadays. Tatyana has completed minimum hundred of catalog translations in different fields, working every time with precise accuracy and diligence.

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