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Zeynep has been working as an independent contractor/translator/editor/proofreader for publishing houses since 2000. She translated "2666 of Bolano" from Spanish to Turkish and "Mr. Mercedes" of Stephen King from English into Turkish. She is currently the foreign news editor of an ecology magazine.


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Zeynep is a translator, editor and book critic, with 15+ years of experience in the industry. She started as a junior editor in `Voyager` (Turkish edition), then signed a contract with Cordis Publishing for medical translations. She became a book critic in 2003 in a well known Turkish newspaper, started translating books, Marian Keyes, Stephen King, Morrison etc. She currently lives in New Zeland.

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Expert in literary translations from English to Turkish. Translated several books including the works of Stephen King (Mr. Mercedes: 11/22/63), Neil Gaiman (Fragile Things), Marian Keyes (Suchi for beginners) Toni Morrison (A Mercy)...