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Josh has translated English-Spanish/Spanish-English since high school. His passion led him to obtain a degree in Spanish Language and Literature from University of North Carolina at Wilmington, where he volunteered for a community organization where he helped translate documents. Currently, he freelances translating for several different sites.


Industry Projects

  • Science10+
  • Education3
  • Gaming1

Summary of Industry Experience


Josh has translated on several science topics ranging from GMO's, solar energy, geothermal energy, sustainability, and plant ecology. Of all areas, this is one of his favorite, as scientific discovery drives progress.


Josh has translated a few documents relating to education, consisting of transcripts and diplomas for Spanish-speaking clients. In addition to this, he has translated a few documents for Spanish-speaking colleagues in regards to the general area of education and learning theory.


Josh has translated very few articles related to gaming, but spends most of his free time doing this as a hobby, so has a very extensive background in this area. He enjoys reading Spanish articles related to games that are being developed in the Spanish-speaking world.

Product Projects

  • Article5

Summary of Product Experience


Josh has translated several articles via freelance opportunities for some authors and SEO companies over his 3 years of translation experience. Of these, he has translated articles on education, select science topics, and newsletter columns in both EU Spanish and South American Spanish.