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Having studied in French and German schools through high school, as well as mastering conversational Vietnamese, Serbo-Croatian and Italian, Bryerly majored in Japanese at the University of Oxford. Since graduating in 2010, she has been working in Tokyo, acting on the stage and in film in Japanese, and working part-time as a translator and editor.


Industry Projects

  • Entertainment10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Bryerly loves film and theatre. In addition to working as an actress and producer in Japan and overseas, she has helped develop international projects with Japanese directors, including translating project proposals, staff and cast profiles, and scripts.

Product Projects

  • Web Page10+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Bryerly has translated web pages for companies including ANA and the Japan Football Association, Addix, and for individual artists, creators and film directors, from both French and Japanese into English. She has also edited English text and provided advice on copies to major advertisement agencies, such as Dentsu.