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After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Interlingual Communication and Mediation in 2008, Giorgia began to work as translator and interpreter for several institutions. Some examples are the Choral Association C.A. Seghizzi and the Court of Appeal of Venice. In 2010 she worked for Doctor Daniele Lo Rito as his simultaneous interpreter at conferences on Iridology, She also translated two of his books into English. In 2011, a few days after being awarded her Master’s Degree in Interpreting, she flew to Cuzco, Peru, to volunteer at the NGO Apurimac Onlus for three months. She loved the country so much that, a year later, she left her native country and moved there, where she currently lives. She worked two years as Italian teacher for the Educational Association Antonio Raimondi. Between 2014 and 2015 she carried out abundant translation jobs for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Tierra de los Andes travel agency (Cuzco, Peru). She has been working as freelance translator since 2013. Her working languages are Italian, Spanish and English.


Industry Projects

  • Legal20+
  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Non Profit20+
  • Food20+
  • Travel20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Giorgia has translated several legal documents since 2009, including criminal proceedings, birth certificates, marriage certificates, notary deeds, identification documents and school certificates. She has all the credentials for providing loyal translations in this field.

Consumer Goods

This is Giorgia's favorite industry. In the past she worked also as sales assistant, she learnt how to take care of her clients and their needs and she always made sure that they were completely satisfied with her services. When she finally became translator, she has definitely maintained that attitude in this field, too, where she always guarantees target-oriented translations, striving to deliver a top quality product.

Non Profit

Giorgia has always expressed her desire for combining the job she loves with the nonprofit sector. Thanks to the cooperation with the NGO Apurimac Onlus, which started in 2011, she was able to deepen her knowledge about social, economic and cultural aspects of Latin America, especially Peru. She translated a book about the colonial architecture in the High Provinces of Peru from Italian to Spanish, as well as several projects concerning health campaigns, identity and citizenship in Apurimac. In addition, she also taught Italian to the nurses and doctors working at Lucia Vannucci Maiani General Hospital, who collaborate with Italian doctors during health campaigns.


Giorgia has always had a passion for cooking. In addition to translating the Spanish gourmet website, she also translated some recipes for a private client at the very beginning of her freelance career.


Giorgia has always loved travelling, one of the reasons why she decided to study tourism in high school. What she likes about translating tourist texts is that often the client requests a creative, target-oriented style in comparison to other more literal translations. In the year 2014, she translated tourist itineraries for the Peruvian travel agency "Tierra de los Andes", as well as travel interviews for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Product Projects

  • Product Description100+
  • Email Copy50+
  • Other20+
  • Web Page1

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Giorgia translated (and sometimes adapted) more than 250 product descriptions, including articles, video headers, advertising letters and blog posts for private clients. She has also carried out translation work for the translation company to which she is affiliated since 2015. This field is definitely her workhorse!

Email Copy

Since she entered the freelance world in 2013, Giorgia has translated approximately 65 email templates from English and Spanish for private clients. This is why she can guarantee the utmost precision in the message conveyed.


Giorgia has translated approximately 30 legal documents, including criminal proceedings, birth certificates, marriage certificates, notary deeds, identification documents and school certificates for the Court of Appeal of Venice and the Educational Association Antonio Raimondi.

Web Page

Giorgia has translated the whole website of from Spanish to Italian in 2013. She still works for the website, as it posts new products from time to time. She has learnt all the relevant vocabulary of the ham industry and feels like an expert in this sector.